Agasta Co. Ltd

This company is one of the reliable source to serve you Japanese used cars with the assurance of quality. Used car mainly used in those countries where country new cars cars are very much expensive for the standard class family and for the middle class people cannot be afforded, specially in the third worlds countries.
For this reason, these used cars from Japan is like a blessing for those family that help them to make their dream come true. Same time, when you have the ability to purchase a brand new car but you are not so excited to have a new car rather used car is enough to complete your dream of personal car, then you are also welcome to see this article about AGASTA CO., LTD.
As we are talking about this company, it is good to say that, this company export use car in the outside of the Japan on the order basis. That means, if you have any intention to purchase any used car then you have check out the profile of the company, see the stock list and make your choice.
On this circumstances, we presenting the profile of  AGASTA CO., LTD. We hope you will take a look and check out their stock list weather they have your dream car you are looking for so long in their list or not.

- Name of the company: AGASTA CO., LTD and they are the Member of Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association.
- Starting year: 1997
- Address of the company: 2F Shin Kioicho Building, 4-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8578, Japan
- Phone: +81-3-4330-9090
- Fax: +81-3-4330-9091
- Email: info@agasta.co.jp
- Main website: http://www.agasta.co.jp
- Operating site: Japanese Used Car Online Shop – PicknBuy24.com http://www.picknbuy24.com
- Bank Information: Mizuho Bank Ltd, Shinsei Bank Ltd, Shoko Chukin Bank Ltd
- Aim of the company: This company mainly to serve the maximum quality product/car to the customers among the world and gain their satisfaction to run their business smoothly from the starting from 1997.
- Main business: Basically this company deals with the used cars in the buy and sell formula. That is the mostly known process like purchase from the used cars dealer and sell it to the customers on the order basis.
- Specialty: This is one of the company that have Japanese used car online shop, where other companies that deal with the used car merely have. Same time, this company mainly deal in the African country.

Thats all about this company, as we were talking about that we hope you will take a look on the stock list of this company when you desperately need a car in a reasonable price and it is not a matter for you to weather it is used or new but the quality is matter for you.

You already know the fact that Japan is a country that merely have any competitor in the field of technology and their products are mostly known in the world for the quality and  long durance. There is a proverb that known to all over the world that when “you are looking for a quality product from which you are expecting life long service then you better purchase the products that made in Japan”

on the point about the used car, the word used may pinch in your ear on the matter that these cars are not so good because these cars already used. You just have to keep in mind that you are looking at the cars that made in Japan.

And why they export these cars in the out of the Japan?

According to the information we have so far, the environment department of the Japan, they never allow any vehicle to run in their road for unlisted time. According to the environment code of the Japan set by the environment department, they set a life line on the each vehicle of the Japan and when it cross this life line, this will not worthy to run on the Japan's road anymore.

It is good to say, those used cars forbidden in the Japans road not rejected for fault. Which hitting a hint that, these used cars still have the quality/maximum quality inside it, by which you can make your life long journey.

Thats why, you can stay tension free about the quality of the cars that made in Japan. You just have to choose the car you need from the stock list, and the company will provide the information about the condition of that car.

Agasta Co. Ltd