This is very well known to us all that a car is something like dream for the middle class family and most often it is used as the common road transport media for this reason used cars often considered as the first for all class of people. This company can help you on this matter when you are looking for used car in a high quality condition and best performance.

We hope you are already known with the Japanese product which is very well known to the whole world for its durable quality and it is good to say that this company only provide used cars and each of the car they provide made in Japan. You can trust on this company when this business become competitive and the whole business depend on their reputation. Whatever the cause is, but we can assure you that, these cars always serve a better service which is never less then the brand new car. Thats why here is the presentation of profile of this company. 

If you are interested in the used cars in low price but high quality then you must take a look on the profile of this company because this is going to let you to know the process and what this company has for you in their stock list:

- Name of the company:  AUTOEXPERT.JP
- Starting year: 2009
-  Address of the company: 2-2-16 Higashikashiwagaya,Ebina,Kanagawa,243-0401
- Phone: +81-46-292-7170
- Fax: +81-46-292-7180
- Skype: skype:autoexpert.jp?chat
- facebook: www.facebook.com/autoexpertjp/about/?entry_point=page_nav_about_item&tab=overview
- Email:  info@autoexpert.jp
- Website: http://autoexpert.jp/
- Main business: As you can see from the above and guess that this company mainly deal with the used cars from Japan. When they are passing their time with the cars and it is from Japan then we surely confess that they can also deal with the spare parts of the cars as well as the brand new cars. But you have to be cordial enough when you are not so sure about this. Same time, you have to clear from your about your purpose.
- Main target: “Customer is the best source of customer” and from this motto they always serve the best service to their customers to make their business smooth.

Bank information:
- Address of the bank: 1-2-2 CHUO EBINA-SHI KANAGAWA JAPAN
- Name of the branch: EBINA BRANCH
- Beneficiary name: AUTOEXPERT.JP
- Account number: 989-0144050 
- Swift code: SMBCJPJT
Account for USD:

- Address of the bank: IZUMI GARDEN TOWER 18F, 1-6-1,ROPPONGI, MINATO-KU, TOKYO, 106-6018, JAPAN
- Beneficiary name: K.I CO.,LTD.
- Account number: 106-1065685
- Swift code: NTSSJPJT

Thats all about the company with all the necessary information you need. Now, if you have something to know more then these, then you just have call in the mentioned number. Just believe me, the official is waiting for your call. He/she must be very happy to inform you anything you want to know.

The authority of Japan never allow any vehicle to run in their country for unlimited time only for the shake of their environment. As we know that, vehicles smoke is one of the major cause of polluting the nature and they are very much concern about this matter. They purchase those vehicle from the owner and sell these vehicle to the company like this through the auction and the company export these vehicles only in those countries where it have road permit.

You can stay tension free on the matter of quality. You may think that they are exporting these cars due to low quality condition but it is good for you to hear this news that each of the car they export is in running condition. And so far we have information from the user that they are very much happy with its performance as an used car.

Some of the user told us that, what they can expect more from an used car when it serving like a brand new car. From this point of view, you better keep a handsome budget when you are thinking about to have a used car cause this going to let you to have a better quality car more then your expectation.

Always remember, never be crazy on the road, this can kill you on the spot. Keep yourself safe and same way this will help you to make a safe ride.