Autorec Enterprise Ltd

There are hardly any people in this world who don't keep a dream about a car of his/her own. But the monthly income and the price of the car cannot be coped up with the standard people. In this point, this company can be helpful for them with the Japanese used cars.

As we know about Japan, this is one of the country who are very much conscious about their natural environment, for this reason they always permit the cars a limited time to active in their road. When it finish its time, this car will no longer be worthy to run in the road of Japan. The authority of the Japan will sold these cars to the company like Autorec Enterprise, Ltd and the company will deal these cars only in those countries where it has road permit.

The point of view is, Japan export these cars only for the shake of environment not for the disability of the cars. From this point of view you can stay tension free about the quality of the cars. After all, the price of the cars will make you amazed. You just have to take a look on the profile of the company:

- Name of the company: Autorec Enterprise, Ltd.
- Starting year: 1977
- Address of the company: 2-1 Nishi-shijimi Yatomi-city Aichi 490-1427 Japan
- Address of the workshop: 27 1chome Sakogi Yatomi Aichi 4980006 Japan
- Phone: +81 567-56-6111
- Fax: +81 567-56-6511
- Email: sales@autorec.co.jp
- Facebook: www.facebook.com/www.autorec.co.jp/info
- Website: http://www.autorec.co.jp
- Address domestic sales shop 149-9 1chome Sanbyakujima Yatomi Aichi 4901407 Japan
- Phone: +81 567-56-3170
- URL: www.autorec-japan.com

- Languages: Normally Japanese language as the first language and English as the second. If you are not familiar with these languages then you better ask the official whether he/she familiar with your local language or not.

- Main business: Mainly deal with used cars from Japan (export and import) also deal with the spare parts and brand new cars on the order and demand basis.

- Main goal: Provide high quality cars to the customers in the best and attractive price.

Bank information:
- URL: www.bk.mufg.jp
- Swift code: BOTK JP JT (Branch code: NGY)
- Accounts: 1233415, 1233402, 0263468

Alternative bank account:
- Swift code: MHBK JP JT
- Account: 1154428 (ORDINARY ACC)
- Beneficiary name: AUTOREC ENTERPRISE, LTD
- Paypal: paypal@autorec.co.jp
- Payment type: 100% advance T/T.

Thats all about the company, hope you will have all the details about the company including all the contact links and payment system.

If you have any question in your mind then you should not hesitate to ask them why because the official is waiting for your call and he/she will be very much glad to help you. On the question about the quality of the cars? As you can see in the top of the article that we have mentioned the reason behind exporting used cars by authority/company. They export cars after a limited period of time due to environment. These used cars you are looking at the stock list of this company are forbidden in the Japan, not rejected and the most important thing is, there are hardly any user of these cars have hardly any complain on the matter of performance of following cars.

The price is the most attractive matter for you when you take your eyes on this, one thing is good to mention that many people are not interested to purchase brand new cars due to heavy price. They only focus on the personal transport vehicle in a reasonable price. If your intention is the same then you should be cordial when you are visiting the site of this company.

You better not focus on the word used, why because Japanese product have an extra fame all over the world only for its quality and service. Maximum of the products from Japan made with life long service quality.

When they export used cars from their company, this not means that those cars are low in the quality. Rather these all cars are made with the same quality as the others product of the Japan.

Now decision is in your hand. Never be crazy on the road.

Stay safe keep safe.

Autorec Enterprise Ltd