Bingo ATI

There are hardly any other ways to have any Japanese vehicles in an affordable price as this company is providing. It is good to say that, Japan never allow any vehicle to continue its journey in the Japanese road for unlimited time and this regulation is upholded by the environmental department of the Japan. That’s why they put a time-line in each vehicle in the Japan and when it’s come to an end, they sold this vehicle to the exporter company like Bingo Auto Trading International Co., LTD.

The company like these just does the right thing by exporting these vehicles to those countries where it has road permit that means used car have the road permit and they sold it by online in those countries in a very reasonable price.

Let’s take a look on the profile of this company and we hope this will work like via for you to choose the best car for you:

  • Company name: Bingo Auto Trading International company ltd and it is a group of company. It is well known as BingoATI.
  • Address of the company:1650-2 Kawaminami, Kannabe-Cho, Fukuyama, Hiroshima 720-2124.
  • Phone: +81 84-966-8555
  • Email: admin@bingo-group.co.jp
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/BINGOATI
  • Twitter: http://twitter.com/bingoati
  • Website: http://bingo-ati.com/
  • Starting year: 2012
  • Business type: It is a group of company and it has a widely spread business all over the world as like exporting used car, banking, insurance, dealings with brand new cars and spare parts of the car.
  • Main target of the business: To provide quality and excellent used cars to the customers all over the world.
  • Products: Japanese used and brand new cars.

Now one thing is not clear in the above information we have mentioned and that is about the quality of the product that provided by the company like this. You know the company like Japan, they are mostly known for their quality inventions. Same time when you are looking at the product like cars or such vehicle then you must remember one point that is,

Bingo Auto Trading International Co., LTD may export used cars but not expired cars. Those vehicles that exported by the company like these, are not so bad even exported in a running condition. That’s why you don’t have to worry on the matter of quality. The most interesting thing in whole process is the price of the cars.

Just take a look on the product list on this company, you will find the product/expected car along with the price. Now you just have to compare the price with the local market then you will find the exact answer.

Don’t be a bully by keeping any doubt on the quality. Japan never produce any product with the defect and used car that not means they have thrown it when the car can’t be used any more.

Bingo ATI