Car loan of Brac Bank: Stop dreaming start driving

As to say about the car, it becomes dream for the maximum people, it does not matter what the class of the dreaming person is? You know, in the recent time if you don’t have any vehicle in your house then it will look like you have one furniture less in your house. On the consequence of Bangladesh, a huge number of people live a life under the middle class but dreaming about the life higher class. 

Brac Bank can help you to make your dream come true. On the other hand, you just have to keep the ability to keep up with the bank. You may ask what the ability is. It just the regulation of the bank that you have to follow. If you can then ready to receive the car of your own. Brac Bank will give car loan with some easy and very normal conditions. Let’s see what are the conditions/rules/regulations of this bank:

First of all, minimum income of the lone: Monthly Income: BDT 25,000 (for employee); and BDT 35,000 (for others).

Employee must have worked in the job at least 1 year on the other hand Age of Business has to be at least 2 years. 

This loan will available for the salaried individuals, Business Persons, Self Employed and for the Landlord.

Let’s take a look on the function on the  loan:


Maximum loan will be ceiling up to BDT 40 Lac


Interest rate is: 14.50% for employee and the doctors, at the same time 15% for Businessman, Self Employed & landlord

Time to pay the loan is 12 to 60 months.

Brack bank provides this loan only for the brand new and reconditioned cars.

 The Letter of Introduction stating salary, issued by the employer(optional/additional)

Documents that you need:

Last one year bank statement of the lone


Photocopy of the national ID card/Passport

Passport size photograph of the lone. One copy also required of the guarantor. 

Asking price of the vehicle. 

TIN certificate of the applicant

Visiting card/business card is also required. 

Some optional documents for the business person:

Photocopy of trade license 

Last one year’s bank statement of the company.

For the Limited Liability Company Memorandum of Articles

A professional Certificate is needed which will be  issued by authorized institution(optional)

There some additional documents needed for the landlord:

Legal documents of the property 

Deed papers of the rent.

Charge amount:

Processing charge is 1.5% of the loan 

Early Settlement Fee is: 2% (within 3 years), 1% (after 3 years and before expiry)

For any banking needs please call 24 Hour Call Center 16221 or you can e-mail them at enquiry@bracbank.com

You can visit Brack bank website if you need more information about the car loan: http://www.bracbank.com/Auto-Loan.php.

We recommend you; if you have any dream about the car then you have the way to complete it. Just find the way, the way can be the Brac Bank.