Car loan of Eastern Bank Ltd Bangladesh

Most of the people who live a life of more than standard class, always keep a dream of have a car of his/her own. Maximum time they cannot be successful to fill up this dream for want of money. If we take a look on our countryside, we will find a lot of problem around us. You know, most of the people of our country have a limitation in their income but never stop dreaming for a better life, they earn limited money in which they cannot afford a car directly by their money. For this reason, some banks of the Bangladesh serving the loan facility to those people who has the ability to return the loan amount in the time that given by the bank.

As to say about the loan, a large number of people are afraid to deal with the bank on the case of loan. In the recent time, you cannot step your foot with the time if you don’t deal with the bank. It may be in various purpose, because we are talking about the car loan then let’s take a on the facility and the rules of the car of Eastern bank ltd. 

Here are the major features of car loan Eastern bank limited:

1.    Auto Loan will be only for the purchase of brand new and reconditioned car for private use.

2.    Loan amount ranges is from BDT 350,000 to BDT 4,000,000 (or 50% of car value whichever is lower)

3.    Very competitive interest rate

4.    Repayment tenure is 12 months to 60 months

5.    You will get automatic realization of monthly installment

6.    Early Full and partial settlement is allowed

7.    Spouse can be Joint Applicant

8.    One personal guarantee is required

9.    Very minimal Documentation

One of the most important parts of the process of loan is the income of lone. On this part here is the rule/minimum income of the lone:

Minimum income of the salaried Executives has to be: BDT 30,000

For the professionals/Businessman: BDT 40,000

If anyone decided to process the loan as jointly then the gross monthly income has to be BDT 40,000. 

There are hardly any bank which will give you loan without any security so it would be better for you to have a link with the bank to process the loan easy way. 

There are few requirements on the age of the job of the lone, here are those: 

 Minimum 3 years’ experience is needed for the salaried person.

Minimum 2 years’ experience is needed for the Self Employed like Doctors, Architects, and Engineers etc.

Minimum 2 years’ for the business person. 

On the question about the age of the lone? Minimum 22 and at the same time, maximum 60 years (for employee) and 65 is for the others. 

For any banking needs, please call our 24 Hour Call Center 16230 or 8332232 or e-mail them: info@ebl.com.bd. They will contact you as soon as possible, Or you can visit Eastern bank website http://www.ebl.com.bd/  .