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In the current situation of the world, car is the most demanded and aristocratic vehicle for all the class of people. Car is not a big matter for the first world countries people that mean it is their normal transport media to them. At the same time, this vehicle is like the dream for the standard class people. Due to the high price of the cars they hardly can afford a car for their own. The matter is, if the price of the car would little then they can purchase it. 

Japan can give you the opportunity to have a car of your own. The question is how they can? As we know about the Japan, they are the part of a first world country. They never let a car/vehicle to run in their road for an unlimited time. Before a car/vehicle starts its run on the road, they set a timeline on that vehicle. When it crosses that timeline, it no longer can go in the road of Japan. Authority will sell this vehicle to the company who deals with the export business of the used cars. One more questions may come to your mind that who are the customer or where they sell it? 

There are a lot of companies who make their business with these used cars. They sell these cars in those countries where it has the road permit. Let’s see a company who deals with these cars: 

HANKOKU is one of the companies that dealing with the export car business for a long time. This company ismaking their business not only in the Japan as well as in the Europe around 50 years. They start their business in the year of 1967 according to their official website: www.hankoku.net this company is controlled by family, in a word HANKOKU is a family owned company. Its main target is to satisfy the customers by their service. The moto of this company is “happiness and joy of driving”. They assure the quality of the cars. HANKOKU will serve all the documents as the warranty that bears the assurance the quality. So, there is no doubt on the quality of the cars from HANKOKU. Some of the customer may think that used car is always sold in a very bad condition. 

As to mention the quality of the cars from the Japan, this country already got a great fame all over the world for producing the beast quality cars. Japan authority exports these cars in a running condition not in a condition that cannot be use that car any more. 

We can assure you, if you have any plan to purchase a used car then you can purchase a Japanese brand that will make your dream come true. Here are the information’s about the company. You can contact with them by their following time. 

The address of the company is: 2-4-27 Higashi-machi , Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo, 662-0922
Phone number: 0798-38-5505
Business type: Private Company/ Family Owned
Language support: English / 日本語
Payment system: T/T

Hankoku Co. Ltd.