How to deal with auto repair mechanic

This topic may look like odd to our visitor or they think that this is kind of stupidity that we don’t think our visitor can deal very well with the mechanic/technician. Believe me; most of your bills are over paid only by your ignorance of presenting the problem to the technician. As a common question of your mind you can ask me what way people are paying over bill. The answer will be in a straight and forward way. If you are fail to represent the acquired problem or make them understand something else then they will do the work on their way and will charge you at least the basic bill.

So you have to make the perfect presentation of the problem to the technician that he/she only focus on the point of the disadvantage of your car and cannot make you to pay extra money.

We have some general tips to perform a perfect presentation of the problem to the technician. Here are the ways you can follow. We hope will be learn and this help you to become more smart in the technician/repair shop.

Make a list of problem that you are facing in your car before entering the garage. This will make your task easy. Unless you don’t, you may lose some information from your mind. Maximum of the auto repair shop make their bill according to the all works. If your description gone outside of your problem then they will charge of it also. So, listings of the problems are very necessary. Don’t lose your voice to them, they can put you in harassment, try to be smart.

Check out that they are listening your words cordially.

They are not in a hurry, showing them busy in something else. Without their sincerity you better avoid them as muchas possible. Remember, a standard or good mechanic is a good listener.Check all of these qualities first, and then you should start to describe your problem.

Be sure and realize your problem before put in the list, they may not go to make you clear what was really happening to your car. Not only this but also they will put a bill of those work which was not supposed to done.

Act like you are not totally unknown about the problem that you are facing. If the mechanic can understand this, he/she can make you a bully and charge you more than need.

These points can make you understand something about the dealing with the mechanic we hope. Most importantly, for those person who don’t have any idea about how to make deal with the repair shop. You know the current situation; there is hardly any honest person to be found.it would be better, if you make a discussion with your close persons about the problem.

This is your car it is your duty to keep it fit. Stay safe keep safe.
Happy journey.