How to dry out a wet car

As the variety of season you cannot but to drive your car for your own need, without thinking of the condition of your car. This is one of the major problem for the car owners that what will they do if their car gone away under water or the totally wet by rain. Our recommendation is, never be worry on this. Just remember, every problem has a solution, it does not matter how big the problem is. We going give you some advice, we believe this will be very much helpful for you at least; this article will take away your tension. You know, for every metal object, water is not a friendly thing.

So, our first recommendation is stay away from the water or rain as far as you can, unless you don’t have any emergency with your car. As our topics on the dry out a flood affected car, here are some basic ways to make fit your car as it was in the dry season.

First of all, take the car in a water free area. It would be better if you can take your car in a place where air is also humidity free. This will help to dry your car from both inside and outside automatically by the warm/humidity free air.

Secondly you can do is, you some portable fan, the advancement you will get is, heavily wet position will dry very soon, and you know this make your task easy then you think.

Number 3 is, use towel to move away the water from the sit and its foam. This is the warmest way to move the water from the soft part of the car. This will cost you nothing and no hard work for it.

4. Buy a shop vac. This will cost you $30. But it will a great investment to dry your car for your car when you need it very badly.

5. Use vacuum to dry out those part where air is hard to reach. Open all the possible way from where the air can in and out. Remember; always try to dry the car by using air. Use fans as much as you can. Position it from all the way where air can blow in side of it.

Some of our victims share their experience that they used their/wives heir drier to move the water from the inside.

As the question about the inside part of the car, this is very much hard for the water to reach the engine, so you better turn your focus to the inner part of the car, why because water is evaporable by the hot, once the engine start to become hot then nothing will stay inside of the engine part of the car. But there is some important matter about the seat. If you don’t remove the water completely then it can be start to damage.

So beware, stay safe, and keep safe.
Happy journey.