How to remove sticky things from the car

Car is one of the favorite home/travel equipment to its owner. Maximum of the car owner not only love it, but also they are not going to see any spot on the car, stickers are so far away. Its a matter of fact that you cannot guard/stay with your car for the whole time to prevent it from the sticky things, you know maximum time children's or some nonsense/stupid person attach any advertisement sticker on your car which is not only look odd but it’s really hurtful for the car owner unless the car is not official. At the same time, your official car is also like your personal and you don't want those stickers on your car. So, what you going to do now?
Just keep in mind that you should not do anything by your own thought that harms your Car's color or left any scratch on the surface on your car. Let’s see what we can do about this disturbing things:

1. Use your fresh hands
Stickers have the glue in its inner part, you just have to be careful when you are moving this thing apart from your car. You should follow the way: Take the sticker one side total and round it with the other part, move the whole sticker at the same way. This will become like a stick, if it stuck in some place, use your nail to move it.

2. Use Hot water
Hot water can make your task easy. If you fail to remove the disturbing odd looking thing by your hand then you should use hot water to move this thing. This will make the glue weak from the surface of your car. It would be more better if detergent is mixed with the water.

3. Use soft brush/foam
Remember; don't put any pressure on the car to move those things. You should be careful about the paint of your car. At the same time, you are trying to enhance the beauty of your car. Soft brush and foam will move the sticky thing, if you are not satisfied with your hand cleaning or its not cleaned properly.

You should keep in your mind that, your car bears your Aristocracy. You should not left anything in the outer surface of your car that can hamper your image.

There is one more effective way to move this, you can ask your close person who have the experience to move these things or they know someone who can wash these out of your car.

This is just a part of enhancing the beauty of your car. Everyone loves his/her shine car then why you are not. Just be careful about the excessive function, this may damage the beauty of your car.

A good looking car is bears the creativity of its owner and makes a perfect image to its viewer. It is your car, your duty to keep it fit.

Stay safe, keep safe.
Happy journey.