How to store a car for a long time?

This is very common for the car owners to store their car for a long time in some case like weather problem, vacation, long tour for working purpose or may be something like so. You know, your car is one of the most favorite things that you love most. You cannot left it as usual in your house. So you have to know the proper way to store/garage it on that time when you are not going to use it.
As a matter of fact, a simple question may come to your mind that, what should happen if you don't store it cordially or just keep it on the store room as it is?

First of all you have to be cordial to your car otherwise, you may have to cost money on it more than your expectation. So, at least for the save of money you better follow the ways that given to store a car cordially and completely:

1. Right place selection:
You cannot put your car on a place where air is changed with the variation of the weather. Rainy season's air keep much more water in the air than any other season, you are better understanding what I'm trying to say. All the season have some bad effect like this, at the same time this must effect to your car.

So you have to choose a place where normal air or the seasonal air cannot enter. Keep your car in a place where air is always in a normal shape.

2. Technical change of your car:
Before you leave your car, you have remove the spark plug. At the same time check the fuel tank, it would be more better if you purchase and set a new fuel stabilizer. This will prevent the fuel break down, this will cause damage to your cars fuel line. All these will keep normal fitness of your car.

3. Wash your car as it was at new:
Store your car is not only a process to save your car for a long time rather, this is also a process to make it new, if you want to do so. Just keep in mind, you don't know what going to happen to your car when you are in the side of it. The real meaning is, the place can be full of dust that make your car look dusty then it appear to you.

So, the first step is to clean your whole car with shampoo or the glass cleaner. For the inside cleaning, use a hard stick and hit on the sit and the soft part of the car, dust will come out of it.

Last and final step is to, cover the car nicely.
One more thing you have to do, clean the place where you are going to keep your car. On this work you have to work very hard. Clean the place as much clean as you can.