IJI Co. Ltd

You can have some help from this company when you are looking for a used/second hand car for which you are dreaming for so long. It is good to say that, company like this always deals with not only the quality used car but also they deal with only the Japanese used car which means each of the car they sell/export that made in Japan. And the Japanese product have a great reputation in all over the world for their quality product.
It is good to mention also that when you are in a shortage of money then you don't better look at the brand new car, at the same time, you will have the quality and the condition of the car that you cannot think that the car was used once in the Japan.
For this reason, these used cars mainly exported in the third worlds countries where brand new cars are highly expensive. The most interesting matter is, they are using those cars in a very happy mode, that without any complain.
When you are looking for used car in a reasonable price then you better take a look on the profile of this company, this will help you to know more about the company as well as the process of purchasing.
After all, this is about your so long waited dream, which you are now stepping forward to complete by the checking the profile/stock list of this company.
You should not keep any doubt on the company and the process, why because there are so many companies are working and all of them from Japan same time they are dealing successfully all over the world.
Here are the profile of this company, we hope you will have you desire information about your desired car:

- Name of the company: IJI Co., Ltd
- Starting year:2011
- Address of the company:4-14-3, SOHARA-KIKUZONO-CYO, KAKAMIGAHARA-CITY, GIFU, 504-0823
- Phone:+81582130636
- Fax:+81583829710
- Facebook:www.facebook.com/Usedcarsforsale.jp
- Email:cartrade@iji.jp
- Languages:Japanese/English
- Website:http://www.usedcarsforsale.iji.jp/
- Main business:
Mainly deals with the used car export business and totally on the order basis. They can help you to purchase brand new cars also and from the Japan but on this purpose you have to talk with them cordially when you are thinking about for your own and your order is very little.
They also can help you by serving your demanded information about the process or the inquiry.

- Payment types:
100% by T/T payment and in advance via PayPal , Paytrade , T/T.

- Specialty:
This company so far we can guess that, they are one of the top in the used car export business and they are on the way make more high then any other competitor of them.

Thats all about the company and so far we have mention the information about this company we hope these are enough for our honorable visitor to make their decision and step forward to make their dream come true.

You can ask a question about the quality of the products when each of the cars have a word tag as “used cars”
as we have mentioned in the top of this article that Japanese products are made with the lifelong validity/durability. Those cars are forbidden in the Japanese road not rejected and they forbid these cars due to old/for bad smoke not for disability to run.
You know the fact that, most of the third worlds countries hardly care about the environment pollution cause by the smoke of the vehicles. Thats why, you don't better think about this matter deeply. You are making your dream for so long time when your government merely cares about your dream. They never reduce the price of the brand new cars.
And now when you got the chance make your dream come true then why you should you think about them. Just keep in mind that, when you are looking at the stock list of this company or else, you should remember your budget.
Why because, there are huge stock in their list including various brands and price. You cannot request them to wait for you, thats why, when you are serious about the matter of purchasing, you should keep a handsome budget for a handsome/sexy car, that will attract everyone on the road.
At the same time, never be crazy on the road when you are riding your car. This may kill you on the spot. 

IJI Co. Ltd