Jamex Co Ltd

It is good to introduce a new company of the Japan that can help you to find out you dream car in a very reasonable price. So far you can guess company like this deals with the only cars and such vehicles. Same time, they have a big stock of the used car which are only made in Japan.

Its may seem to odd for you about the word used car, yes we are mainly focusing about the used car because most of the developing countries where income level of the people are not so high but they have a dream about own car. These Japanese used car can make their dream come true.

You better take a look on the profile of this company and this will help you to search out your car which you are looking for:

   - Address of the company: 140-0001, Tokyo-to Shinagawa-ku, Kita-Shinagawa, 1-22-20, 2F JAPAN

   - Phone: +81 3 6433 0131

   - Fax: +81 3 6433 0132

   - Email: info@jamex.co.jp

   - Website: http://jamex.co.jp

   - Branches: New Zealand - +64-6 368 7632, Myanmar - +959-450003101

   - Products availability: As an international car exporter, this company almost has all short of vehicles in their stock. Basically, Japanese product are available.

   - Languages: Japanese/English

   - Payment types: T/T

These are the information about the company and we hope this will help you enough to make your dream come true. You just have to make an inquiry on the matter of the car and your budget. Why because there are so many car in the list and it has different quality that varied by the price.

Normally anyone can make a question on the matter of used car mainly about the quality and it is very much normal to question about this point. Japanese products have a great fame all over the world for its long life.

Company like Jamex co., ltd always deals with the used cars not expired or rejected cars. The system of this dealing of used cars is, Japan's environmental department never allow any vehicle on the road for unlimited time thats why this cars/vehicles sold by the auction with the help of the owner of the vehicles.

And these companies where used vehicles have the road permit from the authority/government. Specially in the third worlds countries where brand new cars are highly expensive and the income of the people are not so regular or high as the cars are.

So, you just have to take a look on the process of this short of dealings. Company will provide maximum support to reach the car on the port of your home. As a customer you have to pay the price along with the service charge and you can trust them 100% because they making this kind of dealings for a long time and same time they are very much cordial to their customers.

Now decision is in your hand, you have to choose what you have to do.

Jamex Co Ltd