K.I Co. Ltd

You take a look at this company when you are looking for quality used/second hand car/vehicle. Meanwhile this company purely deals with the Japanese used car which have the assurance of quality then any other used cars of the local market or personal deal. After all, this is about the dream of most of the standard level family to have a personal 4 wheeler. It does not matter whether it is brand new or second hand.
You just have to keep in mind that, you are purchasing used car and when you are looking at the cars in the stock list of this company keep in mind about the budget. Why because, there are so many category of the cars in their list as well as a huge variety in the brands also. It is good to say that, when you are committed to yourself about the used cars and it is from the Japan, then you better keep your budget little bit high.
This will manage you to get the high quality car from the Japan. At the same time, you cannot but to look out the quality cars in their list, once you have seen the list, low category cars cannot attract you any more rather, you will lost your attraction from the cars that low in price and low in quality.

Lets take a look on the profile of this company and we hope this will help you enough to find your dream car from the list of this company. At the same time, you will find all the contact link by which you can talk with them about the deal or the process and they are very much cordial to answer you any of your question.
Here are the profile of this company:

- Name of the company:K.I Co., Ltd.
- Starting year:2012
- Address of the company:Wakole Ebina 102,Higashi Kashiwagaya, 2-2-16,Ebina, Kanagawa,243-0401,Japan
- Telephone:+81-46-292-7170
- Fax:+81-46-292-7180
- Mobile:+81-80-1968-6898
- Facebook:www.facebook.com/KICoLtd
- Twitter:https://twitter.com/KICoLTD
- Youtube:http://www.kicoltd.jp/cars/company-video
- Email:sales@licoltd.jp
- Website:www.kicoltd.jp
- Languages:English, Japanese, Kiswahili and Tagalog.
- Main product:Very normally, used cars as the first product of this company. Same time, all shorts of spare parts of the cars including the product Cars, Trucks, Buses, Heavy Equipment, Forklifts, Motorcycles, Parts, Engines etc.
- Specialty:You don't have to wait for the response of the officials of this company if you have recently mail them about some inquiry. That means, you will find them so much cordial as you can guess them. Even, if you have any question something about the dealings or you want to know anything about the product then you better don't hesitate top call in their number or you can mail them right now. They will be happy to inform you any of your question.

Thats enough about the company and we hope this all information is enough for you to contact with the company and you will have the car from here for which you are dreaming for so long.
As we have mentioned in the top that, if you are really serious about the car for your family or personal use then you better take a look on this company. This is not so smart search for a car used/new with a low budget. It is good to say that you better make a preparation to purchase a car.
After all, you cannot change so easily in the next, and this is for your own satisfaction also.
If you asking for recommendation from us that you should purchase Japanese used car or not? The we can that, definitely you can. Why because, maximum of the third worlds countries are the market of the used car from Japan. The most important part is, we hardly got any complain from them about these cars.
From this point of view, you can take this cars anytime you want as well as you can even suggest your family/friend circle about this matter.

Japanese products are made with the lifelong warranty and for this reason they are the well known technologist of the world. The car they export as used cars, those are not rejected from Japan rather, forbidden from the Japan due to the environment cause.
They only exported these cars only in those countries where it has road permit. You better give up the tension about the quality of these cars because, company will provide all the necessary information/condition of the cars. 

K.I Co. Ltd