Japanese car has a huge demand in all over the world, at the same time Japan is a country where a car/vehicle cannot run for an unlimited time whatever the quality of the car/vehicle is. You know, in those countries, especially in the third world countries car is like a dream for the general people. The most important matter is, for the want of money they cannot afford a brand new car for the family or the personal ride. 

For these reasons, Japans environment department makes a rule over the timeline of the car/vehicle. After crossing the timeline, those vehicles cannot run in the road of Japan. As one of the most developed country of the world Japan will stuck with the used car problem. That’s why they make a perfect solution of this problem. Japan government export these cars through some company in those countries where these cars have the road permit. Authority sold these cars through the auction to the companies that deal with the car exporting in the different countries. The company who call the better rate they sell the cars to them/company. 

MASAKA Trading co., ltd. is one of the companies that deal with those cars. This company has a big stock in their list, at the same time; they deal with the world class brand of the Japanese car. For this reason, it has a name in the outer world in which this company exports their car. Let’s take a look over the company at a glance: 

Address of the company: 1-1008 Uedanishi Tenpaku-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 4680058 Japan
Telephone: +81-52-875-9010
Fax: +81-52-875-9119
Email: info@masaka-trade.com
Website: http://www.masaka-trade.com/
Skype: masaka.trading
Languages: English / Русский / 日本語 / 中文
Started year: 1993
Company type: Corporation/Limited Liability Company
System of payment: T/T  L/C and Western Union

This company makes the process of export the cars to the customer after the confirmation of the payment. Shipping system of the cars by ro-ro or container basis, if their no shipping system shown in the contract. After loading the car they will send the papers through the DHL or such mail service including the following papers:

1. Customs Invoice 
2. Packing List
3. Export Certificate
4. Bill of Lading
5. Inspection Certificate

15 days to 45 days normally the terms of delivery of the cars. Customers have to receive his/her car in this time. It also depends on the port authority that how much time they can hold the product in their ground or in the container. 

We hope by these all information our visitor will get their needed data about the company. After all, this is the question to make their life more comfortable through the purchasing a car. So, if you are thinking to purchase a Japanese used car then without wasting any time, you better contact with MASAKA Trading co., ltd. We can assure you, they are cordial enough to help you to choose the best car from the catalog.