Matel Trading Co. Ltd

We have a good news for those who are looking for used car for their personal in a handy and affordable price. The company like Matel Trading Co., Ltd is a reliable source to have an used car that made in Japan. The most important fact is, a middle class family from the middle class country merely can afford a brand new car, for them these car from Japan could be a source of great point to make their dream come true of own car.
As we know about the third world country that, the government of these country's always looking for income and as car is an aristocratic product and thats why they (government) always try to collect a large amount of money as tax for national collection/income.
For this reason, price of the brand new car is always on the high level on those countries. On the other hand, Japanese used cars have a great demand in the whole and amazingly not for its low price rather for the Quality of those cars which made in Japan. You just have to take your concentration on the company Matel Trading Co., Ltd or like this company.
All the used vehicle from Japan exported via company like this and the company purchase all the product from the authority of the Japan mainly Environment Department which puts a life line through the time on the each vehicles, once it crosses the life line that vehicle cannot run on the road of Japan and exported from Japan as well.

Here is the profile of Matel Trading Co., Ltd by which you will have all the details at a glance including product as well as the contact information:

- Name of the company: MATEL TRADING CO., LTD
- Address of the company: 2-2-12 Maeharacho, Koganei-city, Tokyo Japan 184-0013
- Phone: +81-42-386-5660
- Fax: +81-42-386-5650
- Languages: Basically Japanese/English
- Email: cars-info.98@matel.co.jp
- Website: http://matel.co.jp
Parts and Container Information:
- Address: 1341-3 Takikubo-cho, maebashi-city, Gunma Japan
- Phone: +81-27-212-9265
- Fax: +81-27-212-9266
Kenya branch:
- Address: ABC Bank Building Dar Es Salaam Rd.,Industrial Area Nairobi Kenya
- Contact: 0723687374/0738410617
Bank Information:
- Bank name: Mizuho Bank
- Address: 1-1-5 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011 JAPAN
- Branch address: 5-13-3 Honcho, Koganei-city, Tokyo 184-0004 JAPAN
- Account No: 114-2164543
- Swift code: MHBKJPJT
- Account name: MATEL TRADING CO., LTD
- Motto: To serve the best quality product/cars to the customers world wide, gain the fame and enhance the business with trust among the customers.
- Business type: Whole seller, Exporter same time spare parts as well.
- Main Product: As you can see by the company name and category, the main business of this company is exporting used car from Japan. At the same time, they can provide brand new cars and spare parts on the order basis.
- Business capability: The whole business of this company is based on online. Thats why it is easy for them to contact with the customers world wide. Bottom line is, their business is been spread all over the world.

That all about the company and we hope you will have all the information that you expect about the company and the company also have the car that you looking for in their stock list.
When you are looking for advise what you should about the process then we can say that there are so many company in the Japan which working on this system and you can definitely believe on them because they are been trusted by the process they are working on.
On the question about the quality of the product then you better give up the question about this because the product that made in Japan are been praised all over for its life long quality. You can make an inquiry about the Japanese product that how are they performing in the consumer level.
The point of view is, you just have to choose the product and the company will provide necessary information about the car/vehicle including the condition and price and the delivery process as well as place.
After all this is all about your dream that you have kept in your mind for so long time. When you are looking at the cars with the intention of purchasing, remember your budget on the same time. There are so many short of product in the list of the company and there is variety of price.

Matel Trading Co. Ltd