Mitsuoka Motor Co Ltd

Well, it is good to introduce a new one for those people who are looking for the quality used car in a very affordable price. The name you can see in the head line can help you very much sincerely to look out the exact car you are looking for.

The company you are reading about is only provide Japanese used cars which are only rejected from Japan due to time period which mentioned by the environment department of Japan to avoid environmental pollution. You can ask about this point that they are not using but you can but why so?

The reason behind this only for the government permission. We all known with the fact that, most of the people of third worlds country hardly have the ability to afford a brand new car and thats why these cars are used as the best source to make their dream come true in the very reasonable price. After all, there is difference in the need of the people as like, some people use cars as the media of transport actually personal media of transport, nothing else. But some people use cars as their hobby and often they use it as like their beloved one.

We better take a look on the profile of this company by which you are going to know the process of this company:

Name of the company: Mitsuoka Motor Co Ltd

Starting year: 1968

Address of the company: 5-1-33 CHIGASAKIMINAMI TSUZUKI-KU ,YOKOHAMA-SHI,KANAGAWA-KEN,224-0037;

Phone: +81-45-948-3223

Fax: +81-45-948-0078

Contact languages: As a Japanese company Japanese language is used as the first language and normally the English as the second language. If you want to talk with them in your local language then you better ask first whether the official of this company is known with your language or not.

Company type: Corporation or Limited Liability Company

Business type: Wholesaler, Retailer, Importer as well as Exporter

Main product: As you can guess about the business and product, the main product of this company is used cars and vehicle only from the Japan. At the same time, with the special quality.

Main goal: Basically to gain the satisfaction of the customer around the world by serving the best quality product among the companies a like. Meanwhile, they are trying to serve the after sell service through provide the basic maintenance information.

These are the very basic about this company and it is good to say on this matter that if you want to know more about them then you better contact with them by following links. Just believe me, they are so cordial with their customer that you never going to feel anything that you are speaking with a foreigner. Thats why, just pick the phone up and make the contact.

You never have to think about the quality of the cars why because, many of the countries these used cars are running with proud air and no problem at all.


Mitsuoka Motor Co Ltd