Mythos Inc

This is one of the trust able company of the Japan from which you can expect heavy quality used cars which are commonly made in Japan. Meanwhile, when you are looking for used car in a reasonable price then this company could be the best advisor for you. It is good to introduce a company that have maximum quality product in their list.

The most interesting matter about this company is, they export all the cars in a good condition and they will provide all the information about the condition of the product they are going to provide to their customer. From this point of view you can trust them 100% why because it is the matter of their reputation.
You may think about the tag in the name that each of the product used/second hand and you can think about the quality of the cars.

On this point, we can assure you about the quality the Japan forbid vehicles to run on their roads after a limited period of time due to environmental cause. And they never check out what the condition of the cars that means, you are lucky enough to get the car from Japan, whatever happen we can assure you about the quality of the cars.

Before we mention the details why we are so sure on the matter of quality of the cars, it is good to mention the profile of the company, because this will help you to know more about the company and you are going to have the details about the contact links of the company:

- Name of the company: Mythos Inc
- Starting year: 1997
- Address of the company: 5-21-823, Hanakuma-cho, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, Japan 650-0013
- Phone: +81 78 381 5344
- Fax: +81 78 367 7144
- SMS: +81 909 055 9996 (all available 24 hours)
- Facebook: www.facebook.com/Mythos.Japan
- Skype: skype:mythos-inc?chat
- Email: info@mythos-inc.co.jp
- Languages: English,Русский,Kiswahili, Chinese
- Website: http://www.mythosinc.jp

- Main products: LEXUS, TOYOTA, NISSAN, SUZUKI, HONDA, MITSUBISHI, SUBARU, MAZDA, DAIHATSU, FUSO, HINO, MERCEDES, BMW, AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN, OPEL, PEUGEOT, CITROEN, and Others on the order basis. If you are thinking about to deal with spare parts of the cars then you have to contact with them cordially on this matter with reason. You better think about a big deal when you are thinking this matter.

- Motto of the company: Basically, company like these are mainly focus on the satisfaction of the customers but this company thinking about something high including to be the best company of the world and to be the first company at the auction as well as the best selling company among the used cars exporters company.

Bank information:
- Swift code: SMBCJPJT
- Address is: 56, Naniwamati, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, JAPAN 650-8660
- Account name: MYTHOS, INC
- Account No: 9441984

Thats all about the company, we hope you will have your car in the list/stock of this company and for this reason we have mentioned each of the contact links of this company.
You should never hesitate to contact with them in any question. The official of this company is ready for you in the call center and also willing to give you the answer to your question. You can ask them in any matter of purchase of used cars from the Japan.
As we were talking about the quality of the used cars that this could be not so good in the quality.
But the main fact is, Japan is one of the country that very much concern about the weather/environment. They never allow any vehicle to run in the road of Japan for unlimited time as the vehicle started to produce harmful smoke for the air.
Thats why they sold this car through the auction to the company like this with the help of the owner and the company export these cars only in those countries where it has road permit.
It is good to mention that, maximum of the third worlds countries that limited economical countries are the main market of these used cars especially from the Japan.
If you have any plan to purchase used/second hand accident free car then you can definitely take a look on the profile/stock list of this company to check out whether they have the car you are looking for or not.

Always keep in mind that never be crazy on the road. This may kill you on the spot.

Mythos Inc