Nakano Auto

This is better to say about a new company actually to those who are looking for quality used car in a affordable price. The most amazing matter about this company is, you are going to have only the Japanese used car and all the thing is detailed in the description about the condition of the vehicle in which you are looking at. At the same time, we all are known with the matter that, car is always something like dream for the middle class family but they cannot it with the income they got in the end of the month.

These used cars could be a great source them when they are looking for a reasonable price. At the same time, these cars are mostly used in the third worlds countries where brand new cars are extremely high valued. Meanwhile, you may ask the matter of exporting the used cars and why it is only from Japan?

The matter is, Japan is a country with high technology and there is some restriction from the Environmental department of the Japan that a vehicle never can run an unlimited time and the authority is going to put a time line in each of vehicle with require experiment about the condition of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the vehicle is going to export by the company like only in those countries where used cars have the road permit and exported when it won't have any time to continue its running on the Japanese road according to the time line given by the authority.


But you can stay tension free about the matter of quality why because these are the Japanese vehicle and we all are known with the quality of the Japanese product. So far we have information about these used cars, there are very few complain from the customer. Yes there are some fault or scratch in the body and you are hardly going to have cars or vehicles with any flaw whenever you are going to take from the company like this but maximum of the vehicle is going to serve you in your whole lifetime.

So it is high time to take a look on the profile of this company. After all, at least you can pay a visit to it to gain the basic idea about the process:

Name of the company : Nakano Auto

Starting year : 1976

Address of the company : TERASHIMAMACHI 857,NAGAOKASI,NIIGATAKEN,940-2101

Phone : 0258-28-5831

Fax : 0258-28-5832

Main products : So far we can guess about the products about this company that they mainly deal with the used cars only from Japan. Same time, they are willing to serve the after sell service via video call/chat to make the solve of the problem of their customers.

Main goal : To serve the best product to the customer and gain the ultimate satisfaction and this way enrich the business.

To get the authentic information about this company you just have to hold your phone up and made the call.

Nakano Auto