Nikkyo Co. Ltd

For your four wheelers dream, this can be the best advisor for you when you are not interested in the brand new cars. This company exports Japanese used cars all over the world via online. Remember, Japanese used cars provided by this company. Maximum people of the world often not interested to have brand new cars due to budget or impressed by the quality of the Japanese used cars.
Thats why, if you have any plan to buy a used/second hand car then, you can take a look on this companies website by which you will have at least the basic idea both about the company as well as the process.

Before we mention the reason of exporting cars by the Japan, we better take a look on the profile of the company. From the profile of the company, you are going to have the contact links of the company product stock with the whole condition of the product as well as the price:
Here is the profile of NIKKYO CO,.LTD:

- Name of the company: NIKKYO CO,.LTD.
- Starting year: 1995
- Address of the company: NIKKYO Building, Ikebukuro 2-65-3, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
- Phone (office): +81-(0)3-5960-0270
- Payment & Accounts: +81-3-5960-0276
- Shipping Department: +81-3-5960-0272
- Parts Department: +81-297-60-2316
- JDA Department: +81-3-5960-0274
- Fax: +81-(0)3-5960-0271
- Email (English): info@nikkyocars.com
- Email (Russian): russian@nikkyocars.com
- Email (Spanish): latin@nikkyocars.com
- Website: http://nikkyocars.com

- Languages: Japanese language as the first language basically English as the second. If you are interested to contact with them in your local language the you ask first the official whether

- Main workshop: 282-80, Shobeishindenmachi, Ryugasaki-Shi, Ibaraki-Ken, Japan

- Main products: As you can guess about the company that it is mainly deals with the used cars only from Japan, but this company also deals with spare parts and brand new cars as well on demand/order basis.

- Main focus: As like the other companies of the Japan, this company is also willing to serve cordially. Best service for the customer is the main focus of the company by serving high quality accident free cars and gain the satisfaction of the customers.

Bank information:

- The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Resona Bank
Click here for Bank Information for TT Payment.

- Akabane Branch
Address: 1-8-4 Akabane, Kita-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Account Name: Nikkyo Co., Ltd.
Account No: 203-1773930

- Oji Branch
Address: 1-10-18 Oji, Kita-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Account Name: Nikkyo Co., Ltd.
Account No: 175-0724907

Thats all about the company in which we have gathered maximum of the information about the company, hope you will find you expected information about the company.
One point is good to mention about the company that, you should not feel hesitate to contact with them because the official is cordial enough to answer you any of your question and most importantly, her/she is waiting for your call. You can ask any question about the company or the process of purchasing.

Now the question is about quality of the product those serve by the company? As we know about Japan that this is one of the countries who are very much concern about their weather/environment. In the recent days, environment is largely polluted by the smoke of the vehicles. Due to this fact, Japan never allow any vehicle to run in their for unlimited time. They put a life line in the each of the cars/vehicles once it crosses the timer line this no longer can run in the roads of Japan rather the authority of the Japan will sell this to the company like this with the help of the owner and the company will export this vehicles only in those countries where it has road permit.
If you are concern about the quality of the cars then we can assure you about the quality when the other users are very much satisfied with these used cars performance. At the same time, Japanese products are well known for its longevity when other companies products merely can stand with the quality of Japanese product.

The most interesting part of these used cars is the price, sometime you will be amazed by hearing the price of these cars. All you have to do just pay a visit to their website and stock list. We can assure you again that these used cars will perform more you can expect from these cars.

Nikkyo Co. Ltd