No.1 Solutions Co. Ltd

When you are thinking about a quality used car then you can take a look at the profile of this company. We assure about this company that this could be a great advisor for you on the matter of purchasing used cars. The most important fact of this company is, they only provide used cars from Japan. It is better to be clear about the product those provided by the company, company like these only deal with the used cars. You are only welcome here if you are really eager about the Japanese used cars.

You may ask about the quality of the cars or you also may ask the availability of such used cars that where they get so many used cars when there are hundreds of company like this working with these cars?

You are going to have all the answer of these questions just after the detail of this company. You better take a look at the profile of this company first. This is going to give you the details of this company as well as the contact links. You will be able to gain much more information about the process of their business via this details:
- Name of the company:   No.1 Solutions Co., Ltd
- Starting year: 2002
- Address of the company: Idemitsu Ikejiri Bldg. 7F, 3-15-1 Higashiyama,Meguro-ku,Tokyo,153-0043
- Phone: +81-3-6303-4348
- Fax: +81-3-6303-4672
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/no1solutionscoltd
- Email: trading@no1s.biz
- Website: http://carweb-net.jp/no1solutions/index.html
- Languages: Basically Japanese language used as the first language and the English as the second but both of these language are common for the official of this company. If you are not familiar with these languages then you can ask the official if they are adapted with your local language or not.
- Main business: This company mainly do their business by exporting used cars and same time those product that related with the car.
- Main Product: As you can guess about the business of this company, they mainly deal with the used cars from Japan. At the same time, each of the company like this also serve spare parts on the demand/order basis. Meanwhile, if you are curious on the matter of brand new cars from them, then you have to talk with them cordially about your point of view.
- Main focus: as the others companies have the focus to serve high quality product to the customer and gain their satisfaction and run the business smooth. This company also looking for almost the same way to make their business clear. From this point of view we can say, you are not going to have any damaged or quality less car from this company. You can trust them for their rules.
- Payment type: 100% advance via Telegraphic Transfer.

Thats all about the company along with all this information it is good to say about this company that if you have more question to ask then you just have to call in the number mentioned in the details. To make you sure about this, the official is waiting for your call. He/she will be glad to inform you anything you want to know.
Now lets talk about the quality of the cars, as you know about the Japan that they are one of the major first world country who are very much concern about their nature and they never take any risk with any short of technology that may harm their nature. It is proved by their scientist that if a vehicle run for an unlimited time the this will emerge harmful smoke for the nature and from this point of view they never allow any vehicle to run in their road for unknown time.

Each of the vehicle running in the roads of Japan has a specific lifeline. Once it finishes its life line those vehicle will no longer considered as running able in the road of Japan. The authority of Japanese government will sell these vehicle to the company like these and the company will sell these vehicle only in those countries where it has road permit.

But the point to be noted please, each of the car they export all are in running condition. To be more sure about the quality of the car, the reputation of the company is badly related with the quality of the car. So you can stay tension free on this matter. You just have to check out the stock list of the company whether they have the car in their list which you are looking for or not.

No.1 Solutions Co. Ltd