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   Car loan of Eastern Bank Ltd Bangladesh
Most of the people who live a life of more than standard class, always keep a dream of have a car of his/her own. Maximum time they cannot be successful to fill up this dream for want of money. If we take a look on our countryside, we will find a lot of problem around us. You know, most of the people of our country have a limitation in their income but never stop dreaming for a better life, they earn limited money in which they cannot afford a car directly by their money. For this reason, som ... [more]
   Car loan of Brac Bank: Stop dreaming start driving
As to say about the car, it becomes dream for the maximum people, it does not matter what the class of the dreaming person is? You know, in the recent time if you don’t have any vehicle in your house then it will look like you have one furniture less in your house. On the consequence of Bangladesh, a huge number of people live a life under the middle class but dreaming about the life higher class.  Brac Bank can help you to make your dream come true. On the other hand, you j ... [more]
   Car loan Pubali Bank Ltd
Due to the current up gradation of science, human life is becoming easier and easier. The   fact is, you cannot put yourself away from the modern technology, rather the modern technology will make you bound to come near of it. Transport vehicles are the gift of technology; they invented both for the family transport as well as for the business/goods also. You know car is one of the wonderful gift of the modern time. This vehicle gives the pleasure of ride for the family at the same time ... [more]
   How to store a car for a long time?
This is very common for the car owners to store their car for a long time in some case like weather problem, vacation, long tour for working purpose or may be something like so. You know, your car is one of the most favorite things that you love most. You cannot left it as usual in your house. So you have to know the proper way to store/garage it on that time when you are not going to use it. As a matter of fact, a simple question may come to your mind that, what should happen if you don't stor ... [more]
   When should you change your car brakes?
There is no need to say why you should change your car brakes/importance of the car brakes. You brakes are the only part of the car those give you the control of the car on the road. You cannot imagine the control when you are on the highway because you have keep the at least speed that a highway required and the flow with the other vehicles speed. What you going to do if your cars brakes do not work properly? Nothing but you just has to be careful about your brakes. After all, brakes are the ... [more]
   How to remove sticky things from the car
Car is one of the favorite home/travel equipment to its owner. Maximum of the car owner not only love it, but also they are not going to see any spot on the car, stickers are so far away. Its a matter of fact that you cannot guard/stay with your car for the whole time to prevent it from the sticky things, you know maximum time children's or some nonsense/stupid person attach any advertisement sticker on your car which is not only look odd but it’s really hurtful for the car owner unless the ca ... [more]
   Durability of car tires
First of all, we should discuss about the importance of the tires. Most of the Car owner /driver merely want to know about the tires that how much time this can be run normally. You know, tires are the only equipment in the outer surface of a high speed engine vehicle for control the both speed and the weight of the Car/vehicle on the road. If you are not serious about the tires then you can call your doom of your life, at the same time you will put those life in the danger that stay at the road ... [more]
   How to store your car for winter?
In the first step, take a look on the whole car very closely and observe it need to clean or not. The way would be, if you can clean it and give this a totally new look. You know, you are going to store your car for a long time and in this time, your car may gather more dust and pollution that can put you in a harassing situation after open. Your car is one of the favorite luxurious home equipment that bears your Aristocracy. At the same time you suggested before you put your car on the store ro ... [more]
   Top 10 Cities famous for car accident in the USA
USA is one of the first world’s country whose people use private car in heavy number. The fears matter is, USA is almost in the top of the Car accident among the first world country. This report is been published an organization name "Allstate Insurance Company". They research in all the states of America and publish a report that also possess the information about top ten cities, they claim that America's 200 spots/cities are most dangerous for the Car Accident/collision. "Allstate Insurance ... [more]
   The modern auto repair shop
The title may look like to our visitor, it is an article on the basic requirements of the Modern Auto repair shop. yes they are exactly to the point. An auto repair shop is a place where a car owner must have to go so many times in his/her life. At the same time, some car owner often avoid to enter in the car repair shop, because of dust and some other thing that may make them look refresh. These car owners usually sends there relative, friends or the driver to make the problem solve. It is a ma ... [more]
   How to save money on auto repair?
One thing will alarming on your mind that, God knows how much money you have to spend whenever your car make you feel not good. It is very common for all the car owners specially, to the standard class car owners, maximum time they avoid to do servicing their car on little damage or disturbance. But one thing they never notice that, they can make it repair by the help of the experience persons or by self. Yes, believe me you can do this, you just have to try it from the core of your mind. You ma ... [more]
   How to be satisfied from Auto repair shop?
Car is like a sign of aristocracy to all class of people including upper or standard. It means, cars are not only a media of transport rather it has a huge demand of showing the Aristocracy. In this regard, car owner often have to pay more than need in the servicing of their car with the tension of quality about the servicing. If the owners have the at least knowledge about the working or the tricks of receiving the quality service then they don't have to feel tension on the quality of the servi ... [more]
   When is auto repair needed?
The title may be looks like odd to our visitor, they may think that whenever the car creates problem or the owner feel something like problem, they will took it at the repair shop. We have some suggestion for you; we believe these suggestion or tips can save your money a lot. you know, there are some basic requirement/part/maintenance which can be done easily without visiting the repair shop. A common question may appear in your mind that how this could be possible? Every problem has a solution, ... [more]
   When you need to replace your cars battery?
Battery is one of the basic part of a car, by which car got the power to start of run. You cannot imagine a running car without the battery. There are so many reasons behind the damaged/unusable damage of the battery. You don't have learn what/when you need to change/replace the battery rather you will bound to change the battery immediately when you cannot use your car. That means, your car will no longer be usable if the battery is not worthy of use. If your car making its appearance normal ... [more]
   How to avoid expensive auto repair
For the aristocrat family car is one of the aristocrat sign, sometimes car become the passion for a standard class people who love their car like, it their family member. As a matter of fact, maximum of car owner never take any risk on the any problem of their car without any observation that what may be the problem is? Believe me, if you only just try to observe and realize, you will able to find out at least the basic problems, by which you can save your lot of money. On the question about ... [more]
   How to deal with auto repair mechanic
This topic may look like odd to our visitor or they think that this is kind of stupidity that we don’t think our visitor can deal very well with the mechanic/technician. Believe me; most of your bills are over paid only by your ignorance of presenting the problem to the technician. As a common question of your mind you can ask me what way people are paying over bill. The answer will be in a straight and forward way. If you are fail to represent the acquired problem or make them understand some ... [more]
   How to dry out a wet car
As the variety of season you cannot but to drive your car for your own need, without thinking of the condition of your car. This is one of the major problem for the car owners that what will they do if their car gone away under water or the totally wet by rain. Our recommendation is, never be worry on this. Just remember, every problem has a solution, it does not matter how big the problem is. We going give you some advice, we believe this will be very much helpful for you at least; this article ... [more]
   How often you should change your car engine oil
Engine is the heart of any vehicle, as far you can imagine this part of a vehicle is the most important part to run. According to this sense, engine should have been cared most. If we compare the Engine with the heart then, engine oil must be compared with the blood of it. We are trying to make you understand the importance of engine oil. For a long/healthy life for your engine or car, you must know and abide by the rules of changing the engine oil. We collect all these information from our e ... [more]
   Is cheap gas bad for your car?
Some people who have the dream of Cars also possess the ability/afford to purchase but in one point they stuck to purchase the Cars that is after purchasing cost. Servicing cost is not so regular but gasoline/fuel cost is often make standard class people so costly that its become so hard for them to maintain four wheeler in the everyday life. As mostly they do is, they search the sort way to drive the car including, using the cheap gasoline/fuel. As our topic on the effect of the cheap Gas on ... [more]
   When you need to change your car tires
Tires are the most important outer surface part that controls the Car. Nothing but the tires are the only thing that save life on the road by control the Car's brake and speed. For this, maximum Car owners stays in anxiety that, when should they have to change the tires of their Cars. You know, tires are not only for the control for your Car rather it also gives smooth nice comfortable ride and required grip of the road. For all of these advantage you have to know the condition of your tire, mos ... [more]
   How to find a good car mechanic?
First of all, why you going to search a good mechanic? As a matter of fact, this going to be a most stupid question to the Car owner, because only they know that, how much they love their Car. The Car is like to them a family member or more then something. You are not going to take any risk with your family member or your dearest one about her treatment from the person who is not actually a doctor/mechanic. Lets see what/how you can find a good mechanic or at least experience that he/she not g ... [more]
   After Service Warranty of Cars
The most important part provided by Car servicing center as an assurance of their quality servicing. You may think the way that, it is only to make you satisfy on their work. But important matter is, this bear the royalty of quality servicing. You have to be sure about the after service warranty before choose a Auto repair shop. You know, otherwise you have to cost so much Money and also your sufferings. Here some general tips to avoid these and get an excellent service and warranty's for future ... [more]
   Auto Repair Charges
According to inform our visitor, we have collected the information on Auto repair charges in United States. Maximum of time, Car owner have to pay unnecessary charges due to have no idea on billing system. On this regard of having no idea of the customers, mechanics gives them a huge amount of bill to pay whenever they found the chance. To avoid this unknowing tendency, here all the information about Repair charges system from WWW.AG.NY.GOV We believe, this will help you a lo ... [more]
   How to change Tyre by yourself on the Road
Tire is one of the most important part of any vehicle, there is nothing but the tire gives you the surface road grip and superb control over any heavy vehicle including Car. It is very important to know, how you going to change your tire, if it creating problem in the middle of the road. You know, mechanic is not available in the road, you have go in a specific part of City on the view to find him out. But what, if the Car is not worthy of running so far? You better keep some general tips in ... [more]
   How to keep your car fit
All over the world, every Car owner always makes a complain that, Automobile repair shop maximum time billing them(car owner) almost same for long time or short time work. This is very embarrassing to ask the question, what was the fault when they discharge you Car after a short time but give you a big amount of bill to pay. The question is, how should you know or the way to know the very basic problems of your Car which can be repaired by yourself to avoid the huge bill of repair shop? You kn ... [more]
   Basic maintenance of your car
It is no need to say that, how much important is maintaining a routine carefulness of your Car. You know, Car become part and parcel of your life. It is almost impossible to lead a life without vehicle in a country like USA. It becomes essential to know at least some general tips, when most of the people using their privet Car. Instead of this reason, you have to know the basic maintenance for your own safety; on the other hand, your safety is first. You should not avoid these doing daily or at ... [more]
   Consumer Rights on Auto repair
This is very important to know for the all Car owner but the most hopeless matter is, maximum of Car owner stays in darkness on this. You may have a question in your mind, why should I look forward this? you may also think that, a Car repair is so much cordial that they not make you harass during the car servicing. We suggest, you should not think this way. You better keep knowledge about the Rights of both mechanic and consumer. For the betterment of understanding here are the rights of consume ... [more]
   How to choose an auto repair shop
This is a very common question for the entire Car owner, how one should know or find out a good and qualified Automobile Repair shop? Important matter is, you are not going to put your beloved Car on some stupid hand. Here is some general tips to find out a qualified Auto repair shop. You just have to keep in mind, following tips is just some mark to make you sure of the repair shops quality. First of all, check out its quality certification A good repair shop or a good mecha ... [more]