Royal Trading Co. LTD

This company can help you like an assistant when you are looking for best quality used car and the specialty of this company is, they only provide used cars which are made in Japan. As we know about Japan that, they are one of the most concern country about the environment, due to this reason the environmental department/authority of Japan never let any vehicle to run in their road.
Authority sold these sort of cars to the company like these with the help of the owner and the company sell these cars all over the world via online in the order basis.
You are going to have more information about the process if these used cars but at first lets take a look on the profile of this company by which you can take a look on the stock list and all the information links as well:

- Name of the company: Royal Trading Co.,LTD
- Starting year: 1987
- Address of the company: 3-3-11 Shounai Matsumoto-city Nagano Japan
- Phone: +81-263-24-2543
- Fax: +81-263-24-2544

- Languages: Japanese as the first language and English as the second language. If you want to contact with them in any other language then you better ask them first whether the official can understand your language or not.

- Main business: Exporter of Japanese used cars New car and used car sales, repair, car inspection, and sheet metal repair, Auto Parts, Auction Agency Services. You have any intension to make any business with them, then just be serious while talking with them.

- Specialty of the company: High quality product in low price, best services to the customers, well communicated with the customers.

Bank information:

- The Shoko Chukin Bank International Devision
TELEX: J25388Chukin
Mailing Add: 10-17 2Chome Yaesu, Chuo-ku
Tokyo, 104-0028 Japan
Account Holder: Royal Trading Co.LTD
Account #: 1010875

- Hachijuni Bank (Bank Code: 0143)
Fukashi Branch (Branch Code :414)
2-8-1 Chuo Matsumoto City Nagano 390 0811
TEL +81-263-33-4182
Account Holder: Royal Trading Co.LTD
Account #: 74000983

- Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Bank Code: 0009)
Suwa Branch (Branch Code: 018) TEL : +81-266-52-6363
1-5-25 Suwa Suwa city NaganoJapan 392-0004
Account Holder: Royal Trading Co.LTD
Account #: 4745466

- Payment type: 100% advance by T/T they will send the buyer an invoice of confirmed vehicles, after confirming the order. Buyer have to pay the full amount to our specified bank account by telegraphic transfer (T/T), & inform them about the consignee name & address for shipment. Buyer pays the full amount in 3 working days.

Thats all about the company we hope here you will find out the information that requires to make deal with the company as well as the vehicle you are looking for.
Now the question is about the quality of the cars those provided by the company like these when each of the cars have used name tagged. It is good to say about these cars that each of the user of this cars are very much happy with its performance. From this point of view, you never should keep any doubt on the performance of these cars, rather you just choose which one is fit for you according to your budget, company will provide all the necessary information about the car including the condition of the car.
One thing we can assure you about the company that they will provide all information and you can trust them 100% when this business is so tough in the Japan and they competing with each other on the matter of best service to the customers and gain the satisfaction to make their business more smooth.
Meanwhile the cars you are looking at are not rejected from the Japan rather its forbidden in Japan.
And they export these cars only in those countries where it has road permit. The most interesting matter of these cars is the price, sometime you cannot believe your eyes when you see the price of some cars. As you can see in the profile of the company that, they are very much sincere about their customers, if you have any question or you want to know anything just make a call. They are very much willing to answer your question and most importantly the official is waiting for your call.
You have a car that means you have a freedom of speed but always keep in mind that never be crazy on the road, this can kill you on the spot.

Royal Trading Co. LTD