Ru Co. Ltd

This company will help you to find out your car which is like a dream for the maximum people of the whole world, specially in those countries where new car is very much expensive and it is very much difficult for the middle class family to afford the brand new car for personal use. Used car from Japan can make them happy with the price and performance and same time the consumer of the Japanese used car will have the assurance of the quality because these car that provided by the Ru Co., LTD or such company are wholly made in Japan.
You can visit their website for a basic inquiry about the information that we have mentioned earlier or you make more company like this. Right now we are going to serve the all basic information about this company Ru Co., LTD.

- Address of the company: ARK Hills Front Tower 17F 23-1 Akasaka 2-chome Minato-ku, Japan Tokyo.
- Phone: +81 3-5575-7552
- Fax: +81-3-5575-7553
- Skype: ru-japan
- Email: info@ru-japan.com
- Facebook: www.facebook.com/RUCOLTD
- Website: http://www.ru-japan.com
- Languages: English, Spanish and Japanese.
- Dealing bank: The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd.
- Branch: This company has a branch in Myanmar and their email: aye@ru-japan.com
- Product: Mainly dealing with the Japanese used car and it is the main product of this company.
- Main focus: To provide quality cars and win the hearts of the customers.
- Specialty: So far we have the information this company is the provider of the best value of the used cars form the Japan.

One point is may not clear to you that is about the quality of the cars that are provided by such like  Ru Co., LTD because they serve used car and same time in the price which is really out of expectation.

All you need to focus is on your choice. You know, Japan is a country a vehicle cannot run for a unlimited time. They sold the vehicles in a limited period of time in those countries where used cars/vehicles has the road permit.

Thats why you should not doubt or keep any doubt on the used specially when it is from Japan. This country has special identity all over world for their quality products.

On the matter of process? You don't have to think about this because the will take all the responsibility once you have paid them. You trust them any time, its their business and their are so many companies like these in the Japan that dealing with this business.

You will have all the information from their website about them and also about the expected car/product and the information we have provided above we hope this will help you to find out your dream car. After all, this is all about the your dream which on the way to come true.

Ru Co. Ltd