Sato Shokai Corporation

Well, it is good to introduce a new company to our visitor when they are looking for a dream car for their personal or family use in a affordable and handy price. You will not find any way make this process but to contact with the company like SATO SHOKAI CORPORATION which deals only with the used cars from the Japan. You will have all types of cars/vehicles in their product/stock list. Same time you will have the option for your choice because there are so many companies in the Japan, which deals in all over the world. Most important feature you will get the quality of the product. After all, it is Japanese product and you know what I mean to say. 

Let’s take a look on the company’s profile that will make you to know better about the company as well as link to contact with them: 

-    Address of the company: Yubinbango997-0055, Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture Nishikyo field 326.
-    Starting year: 2001
-    Telephone: 0235-24-5226
-    Fax: 0235-24-5019
-    Email: info@sato-shokai.com
-    Website: http://www.sato-shokai.com
-    Branch office: Yubinbango010-0802  Akita, Akita Prefecture Sotoasahikawa shaped Nakayachi 18-1
-    Languages : English/Japanese
-    Payment system: T/T, L/C
-    Business Type: Wholesaler, Retailer as well as Exporter.
-    Product type: Almost all types of vehicles are available with the basis of customer’s choice. 

From the above information you can get your necessary data to contact or visit them/their site for your better choice as well as you can compare the company with others. 
There are so many questions may appear in your mind about the company or the system of this short of business.

The first question is about the quality of the cars? What way they exporting and what is the condition of the vehicles they exporting? That is the normal question may come to your mind. You know, Japan is the country of technology same time we can call them the inventor of modern technology. “When you need a product for a life time guaranty then you should purchase Japanese product” that is an old proverb about the quality of the Japanese product. 

The process is, the Authority (Japan Environment Department) never allow any vehicle to run in their road for unlimited time. They always puts a time according to the condition of the cars/vehicles. 
When they cross the time, it is no longer worthy of run in the road of Japan. Authority starts the process with the owner to export this car. They sold these shorts of cars by auction to the company like SATO SHOKAI CORPORATION. 

And they sell/export in those countries where it has road permit and the government of those countries make their approval. 

You obviously can stay tension free about the matter of the quality. All the cars/vehicles are sold in a running condition with the guaranty of the Japanese product also with an unbelievable affordable price. You just have to look forward with your standard budget. 

Sato Shokai Corporation