Sayuri International Co. Ltd

This is one of those companies which are cordial to their customers on the matter of help about the purchasing used cars. After all, maximum people of the world liver in the third world countries and they have dream about a happy life with all the requirements to be happy.
And the cars/four wheelers is one the aristocratic element that is been kept in the mind of middle/standard class people. And the Japanese used cars could be a exceptional source to have a quality used car from the Japan. From this point of view, anyone who thinking about to have a personal four wheelers then he/she better take a look on this company.
This company can serve you quality used car that never face any accident rather forbidden to run in Japan in a running condition. There is a question you may ask that how it is possible to forbid a vehicle in the road when it has no problem?
Japan is one of the first world country which is very much aware of their environmental condition and always seek natural environment. For this reason they never let any vehicle to run in the Japanese road with unlimited time. Rather they put a time line in each vehicle that run in the Japans road. When they cross the time line they sold to the company like these and this company and so on company export these cars to those countries where these have road permit.
For this reason you can definitely choose any of used car from Japan. We can assure you the quality of the cars, why because all these cars are made in Japan and Japan produce/manufacture each product with life long quality.
It is good to say that, used car may have some scratch or defect due to shipment or other transformational cause that never indicate the quality of the product.

Here is the profile of this company along with the branch information and we hope these information will help you to find out your car that you are looking for so long:

- Name of the company: Sayuri Co., Ltd
- Starting year: 1996
- Address of the company: 1-12-11 Nakasatsuma, Kamagaya City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
- Postal code: 273-0135
- Phone: +81 47 441 7206
- Fax: +81 47 441 7207
- Email: contact@sayuri.co.jp
- Website: www.sayuri.co.jp

- Languages:
Basically Japanese language as the first language and English as the second language. You can ask the official whether he can speak your language or not then you can go further to contact in your language.

- Main products:
As you can guess about this company that they basically deals with the used cars, at the same time they also deal with the brand new cars and spare parts also. On this occasion you have to talk with them cordially and it is good to inform you that you better make a big when you are thinking about brand new cars or spare parts. 

Branch information:

Royal Road,
Eau Coulee,
Tel: +230 52540564/ +230 418 8800
Email: shaan@sayuri.co.jp

- Myanmar office:
No.74 , 31st Street
Third Floor,Pabedan Township
Yangon, Myanmar
Tel: +95 943171713/ +95 1243737/ +95 1245732/ +95 1250062
Fax: +95 1243737
Email: myanmar@sayuri.co.jp

- Tanzania operations office:
Hugo House, NO. 575,
Along Kinondoni Road,
P.O. BOX 70243,
Dar Es Salam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 22 2664433
Email: tanzania@sayuri.co.jp

Thats all about the company of Sayuri Co., Ltd and we hope that those are enough for you to find out your dream car for which you are looking for so long. If you are still in the confusion about the dealings that you should go ahead in the online process or not then we can suggest you that, maximum/almost each of the used cars from Japan are been sold in this process in the whole worlds especially, in the third worlds countries. You better contact them first we mean talk with them about the process.
We can make you sure that, they are cordial enough to inform you any of their matter about the process. You should not hesitate to ask any question that come to your mind.
Same time you should not keep any doubt about the quality of the car. Company will provide all the information about the condition of the car and you can trust them 100% from each of the corner.

Always keep in mind that, never be crazy on the road, this may kill you on the spot.

Sayuri International Co. Ltd