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As the popularity of the Japanese car, it has a big demand in all over the world, at the same time; it is very hard to fill up the demand at a time. There is a rule in the Japan; they never permit any car/vehicle to run unlimited time in the Japanese road. They set a time of run on the road of Japan to any car/vehicle. After this time those cars/vehicles cannot run in the road of Japan. You know, there are so many countries in the world, ion which new car is just like the dream. Japanese government doing an excellent thing of making their dream comes true. For the sake of environment, Japanese government takes these cars apart from the Japan. They export these cars on those countries where it has permit to run on the road. 
But the fact is, this job done by Exporter Company who make the entire deal. Sunrise Trading is one of the companies who provide the used cars in many countries of the world. As the most important question about the company is, what is the quality of the cars they provide? You know, they exports Japanese cars and Japanese cars quality is well known to whole the world. So, you should not keep any doubt on the quality of the cars which provided by the Sunrise Trading.
Now let’s take a look on the profile of the Sunrise Trading. As the most commonly they have to work almost all over the world, in this reason they have to keep a multinational profile:
-    Address: 611-1, Kamisue, Suemachi, Kasuyagun, Fukuoka-Pref;/ 562 Kamisue, Suemachi, Kasuyagun, Fukuoka Pref;
-    Mobile(81)70-5531-5997, 811-2112
-    Founded on 1 December 2012
-    Language: English / Русский / 日本語 / 中文
-    Payment type: T/T  L/C  Western Union  Other(LC)
-    Business type: Wholesaler, Retailer, Exporter Other (Auction Agent)
-    Short description: SUNRISE TRADING (SRT) Japan.
-    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sunrise-Trading-147880445367752/

-    They have a Branch Office in the south Asia, which situated in:
65,Hospital Road
Mulleriyawa New Town 
Sri Lanka

-    Long description: This is SUNRISE TRADING Japan we are cordial to our all the customers.

Our company is leading Automobile Exporter from Westjapan Fukuoka City.
Currently Exporting Good Quality Vehicles
to, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Myanmar, Carib, Bangladesh, SriLanka and Russia.

We are always looking forward to building a good business relationship with you. We have more than one branch in the south Asia. 

Sunrise Trading Sri Lanka
65, Hospital Road, 
Mulleriyawa New Town.
Sri Lanka

New Stage BD

-    Email: sunrise.trading0613@gmail.com

Above all this information will help our visitor to make the contact with them. We believe, Sunrise Trading will make their customer happy with the cordial deal of the cars and other vehicle. 


Sunrise Trading