Top 10 Cities famous for car accident in the USA

USA is one of the first world’s country whose people use private car in heavy number. The fears matter is, USA is almost in the top of the Car accident among the first world country. This report is been published an organization name "Allstate Insurance Company". They research in all the states of America and publish a report that also possess the information about top ten cities, they claim that America's 200 spots/cities are most dangerous for the Car Accident/collision. "Allstate Insurance Company" publishing their final report in the base of "Allstate America's Best Drivers Report" to the public.
The company said in their 2014 report, Fort Collins, Colorado are the safest city in America for motor driving. Fort collins driver hardly have any car accident, as the report said about the car accident, in average 13.9 years the drivers of Fort Collins see/experience any Car collision. The national report say's about Fort Collins, this city is the most safe for the car drive as they don't have any accident in the road. the report further said, in average every 10 years one accident occurs which can be said no accident occurs in this city. They topped 4th time in the list as the report showing.

As the topic is about worst 10 cities of USA for car accident, lets take a look what/which cities are in the top 10 list in the eye of "Allstate Insurance Company". Lets see this from last to top as as attraction of the top. Here is the last number 10 or last of the top 10.

10. New Haven CT
This is the only city of Connecticut that place in the top 10 list. New Haven had hardly any improvement on the situation, they move 8 place since the last report. The people of New Haven claim accident report in average of 6.3 years each.

9. Philadelphia PA
People of this city have a great fame of their internal relationship but very few in the road. Philadelphians reported about the accident that average in 6.2 years each. This make them in the place of 9 in the whole USA.

8. Alexandria
This city improved their position in just one year. Alexandria was in the number 13 spot in the last year, but the recent car collision put them in the number 8. Car owner/driver reported about their collision in the average of 5.9 years.

7. Glendale CA
Only city from California who more then 70 percent of drivers face accidents in every 5.8 years.

6. Baltimore MD
More then 84 percent of drivers of this city face accident and time average is 5.4 years.

5. Providence RI
Last year this city was in the number 9. In the change or we can say satirical, improvement in car accident they got the place in this year number 5, in the worst cities for can accident. Average accident occurs in 5.4 years.

4. Springfield MA
The drivers of this city face accident in every 5.4 years each. this way they got their position in the number four. Previous two cities possess the same average in the time of accident. But the reporting company took Springfield in the place of number 4 according to the horror or the situation of the accidents.

3. Washington DC
The capital city makes it position by making amazed everyone. As the report says about the drivers that they face accident twice when other drivers face once. with the reported accidents average in 5.1 years. Washington come to the spot of number 3 whereas last year it was in the 194th.

2. Boston MA
Massachusetts won the crown of car accidents in this year report. The capital of this states is not lagging behind at all. The drivers of this city reported about the accidents in the time average of 4.4 years each. Though it is manage to avoid the report of last year.

1. Worcester MA
This city got the level of worst in the car accident among the country. All the organization mark this city including congestion, commute, collision frequency and Insurance company claims that, Worcester something like steal the position of number one, as the drivers occurs accident in the average of 4.8 years. Allstate Insurance said, this city possess it position by defeating all the cities in car accident if the whole country.

They suggest the drivers of the Worcester "keep you eye on the road Worcester drivers"