Unojikou Co. Ltd

Take a look on this company, it can help you to find out your car that you are looking for so long. Specially, when you are interested about the used car and it is from the Japan then, this company could be the best advisor for you from the all the side to, display the car and show/describe the condition as well. Meanwhile, when you are looking for quality used car then nothing but the Japanese used cars are could be a great brand for you.
After all, some people are not interested to expense big amount of money on the matter of purchasing car. Actually those people have no interest in the brand new cars only for the huge amount of money. But when you are reaching in the Japanese used car with the assurance of quality then you should not think about any other cars.
It is good to say that, Japan is a country which is much more ahead in the matter of technology and they are very much concern about their natural environment for which they never allow any vehicle to run unlimited time on their road.
After a limited period of time each of the vehicles of the Japan are forbidden to run in their country. Remember the word “forbidden” not rejected. And they sold it to the company like this, which they export only in those countries where used cars have road permit.
You better take a look on the profile of this company, this will let you to know more about the company. As well as you will be notify about contact link of this company from the information we are going to provide:

- Name of the company:  Unojikou Co., Ltd/Imiauto.com
- Address of the company: 440, Kuratomi, Naka-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama
- Phone: +81-86-805-8811
- Fax: +81-86-805-8611
- Skype:customerservice.imiauto.com?chat
- Facebook: www.facebook.com/unojikou.imiauto.page
- Email: info@imiauto.com
- Languages: Japanese as first language and English as second language. If you are adjusted to other language then you should the official that he/she can speak/understand your language or not.
- Website: http://www.imiauto.com
- Main product: As you guess about the business of this company that its main business is to deal with the used car and they also deal with the spare parts and all of this in the order basis.
If you are thinking about the brand new car to purchase direct from the Japan via this company the you have to request them cordially if your order is limited.

Branch information:

- Phone: +976-50053211
- Email: odsurenjp@gmail.com
- Languages: English,Mongolian,Japanese

- Phone: +856-21-262124
- Email: vtysh@yahoo.com
- Languages: English,Laotian,Japanese

- Phone: +95 9254740575
- Man in-charge: Mr.Naing Linn Oo / Mr.Go Nagae / Mr.Takuji Nakamae
- Email: unopartsmm@gmail.com
- Languages: English,Burmese,Japanese.

- Phone: 680-488-3161
- Fax: 680-488-5008
- Email: yo-jiroautomotive@palaunet.com
- Languages: Only English.

Thats all about the the company and it is better to say that this company make their business all over the world, not only in those countries those we have mentioned as branches. As you can guess so far that this company main deal their business via online.
That means, you don't have to worry about the process of delivery rather, you have to submit the address of your nearest sea port in which they will deliver your chosen product.
One thing you should keep in mind that, you should look out your budget when you are looking at the cars seriously to purchase why because, there are so many cars in the stock list of this company and by this you may become confused to which you should choose. Thats why, you should look at only at those cars which are according to your budget.

After all, you are looking at the Japanese used cars and all the cars displayed in the stock list, each of the car made in Japan and you will be satisfied with the quality once you have these car in your hand.
So far we have information from the customer of these cars, they are satisfied enough with the performance of their car. Same time, Japanese product have an extra fame all over the world by which the used car included also.
Meanwhile, the Japanese used cars may have the tag “used” but you don't have to look at the word used because, these cars are forbidden in the Japan due to environment factor not rejected due to low quality.
We car assure you about the quality of the used cars.

Unojikou Co. Ltd