Version Group Co Ltd

There is no way you can find out to get Japanese used cars in a affordable price but to contact with the company like Version Group Co., Ltd via online. Your chief aim is to make the deal for your dream car in an easy way and to receive one of the most quality cars which are made in Japan. You know/have the idea about the process we hope. 
Japan is one of countries which are famous for producing quality brands car. These cars have an acute demand all over the world. Often authority faces problems to fulfill the demand of the cars. 

Same time, in those countries where economical solvency yet not solved but demand/dream of the personal ride/cars is always in the top. By taking this point in the front, authority that means Japanese environmental department reject all those cars that cross the timeline given by the environmental department. 

These all cars/vehicles exported by Japanese authority through the company like Version Group Co., Ltd. Now the point is about the company and its profile by which you can contact with them. 

Here is the information of the company by which you can find the way to contact as well as you can visit their stock list: 

-    Address of the company: 14-21, Katakasu, Hakataku, Fukuokashi,Fukuoka Japan.
-    Starting year: 1964 in the name of Northern Kyushu car Ltd.
-    Telephone: 092-434-3300
-    Fax: 092-434-3303
-    Website: http://www.version-g.co.jp/
-    Languages: Basically English and Japanese.
-    Business type: Wholesaler, Retailer and Exporter.
-    Payment type: T/T
-    Dealers of Version Group Co., Ltd:
Fiat Auto Japan
Lotus Cars International
Mitsui & Co., Ltd
Blue Frame CO.ltd
      CORNES & CO.ltd

You can get more information from the mentioned website of Version Group Co., Ltd. There are so many questions may appear in your mind about this short of business. First question you may ask about the quality of the product which means the car or vehicle you desire on the basis of a used car.

For the advancement of our reader/visitor it is good to say about the quality of the Japanese product. Japan is a country of quality/believes in quality, for them you are nothing if you don’t have anything inside you. Quantity is only a matter of consolation. The most important matter is, Japanese quality product has a well fame all over the world. 

That’s why you should not keep any doubt on the quality of the product that made in Japan. Same time, the entire car vehicle exported from Japan in a running condition, you can use it just after receive the product. 

There are hardly any complain about this of quality. Yes there may fault/scratch in the body of the car which is only a matter of repairing. You just have to keep a handsome budget for a good product and have to choose a car that from famous brand. Although, maximum companies of the Japan are famous in the entire world. 
Now the decision is your hand. 

Version Group Co Ltd