When you need to replace your cars battery?

Battery is one of the basic part of a car, by which car got the power to start of run. You cannot imagine a running car without the battery. There are so many reasons behind the damaged/unusable damage of the battery. You don't have learn what/when you need to change/replace the battery rather you will bound to change the battery immediately when you cannot use your car. That means, your car will no longer be usable if the battery is not worthy of use.

If your car making its appearance normally then you don't have to be worry about anything. You know, the function of the battery, its working as a power necessary power supply.

Here are some fact that will indicate to immediate change of the battery. You just have to keep these points on your mind:

First of all, be sure the problem you are facing that producing from the battery, if it don't, then don't take any step on the battery. Battery's are usually run/stays good not more than 5-7 years. You should change the battery after a limited number of times. Don't think about to continue until the battery is not dead.

You know battery contains lead acid which has an action in a limited time. If you don't replace it right time it can make you cost more than budget. Cars battery contains 12volt so you should not take risk of check by yourself. You better take the car to the expert/mechanic. Otherwise there is a chance of electric shock.

You can check the outer surface of the of the battery. The face of the battery will tell you whether it needs to change or not. If you found it in a miserable condition that it looks like it may blow anytime, then you must change it without wasting any time.
On the other hand, if you don't recognize the problem then remember the mechanic/technician.

Watch out the correct battery you are purchasing. Doesn’t be a bully; be alert about the battery you purchasing that is required for your car. Over volt can make damage your car and cost you a lot.

If you are a mechanic or you can remove the old battery with new one then choose a workable place first if you are out of home. That place will be without any traffic, no disturbance, and level place and make sure your car will not move during your work.

At the same time if you don't know/measure the specific problem then take your car to the garage/mechanic/technician for find out the specific problem in the car.

Don't blame/thought that the problem is producing from the battery. Specially, maximum starting problem occurs from the battery. Whenever you change/replace your cars battery, always try to replace it with the best one that will give you a tension free ride at least for 5 years or so.

Dont take any risk on safety, stay safe, keep safe.
Happy journey.