Auto Galaxy Co. Ltd

It is good to introduce a company by which you can get an address to have used cars from Japan in a smart way. This company  Auto Galaxy Co., Ltd can help you to have your dream car from their stock list and you just have to take a look on their list to check out the variety of the cars according to your budget.

You know the fact that, most of the third worlds country's people cannot afford or not willing to expense money for a brand new car from the local market for the high price for the Tax and complexity made the by the government of the country. Same time, the quality of those brand new cars are also doubtable or you cannot satisfy with that by purchasing with so high price.

When you are looking at the Japanese used cars, you cannot be 100% sure either about the quality of those cars why because, there is tag of “used”
but the point view is, all the cars from the company like this are made in Japan and each of the car/vehicle forbidden from the road of Japan not rejected due to quality or something like that. For this reason, you better give up the tension about the quality of the used car made in Japan. We can assure you that, these cars will serve you as you are never have to talk about the quality or the specialty of the cars.

Here is the profile of the company, you just have to take a look on the profile and make a visit to their website, if you think it is required:

- Name of the company: Auto Galaxy Co., Ltd
- Starting year: 1990
- Address of the company: 2F 2-30-2-202 Sakae-cho, Higashimurayama-shi, Tokyo, Japan 189-0013
- Telephone: +81 42396 8118
- Fax: +81 42396 5828
- Email: info@autogalaxy.co.jp
- Website: http://autogalaxy.jp
- Sub office office address: 2-4-47 Nakano, Niiza-city, Saitama-Pre, Japan 352-0005
TEL: +81 48480 1005 
FAX: +81 48480 1006
- Dealing bank: Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank Shinjuku Chuo Branch
- Payment type: T/T (Telegraphic transfer)
- Main business: Generally deals with the used car exporting business as well as the spare parts of the cars also on the order basis of the customers. On this point you have to think about a big deal with the company.
- Specialty: You will find this company so much cordial that any of similar companies are not so. You can ask any of your question to to the reception official/staff, they are sincere enough to their customer to answer any of your question or help you to your inquiry about the process.

That all about the company and we hope these information are enough to help you search out your dream car from the stock list of the company. It would be better to watch out the process first and the companies official are very interested to inform you about this matter. Just make a call in the number we have mentioned in the top.
You can raise one more important question about the availability of the cars that there are so many company like this company that dealing with used cars and each cars are made in Japan. From where they get so many used cars? That means what is the source of these cars?
well, it is good to say that, Japan is a country where unlimited time is not allowed for any vehicle. Each of the vehicle of the Japan have to run in the Japan's road with a limited period time that set by the environmental department of the Japan and each of the car owner bound to obey this rule.

The key fact is, what happen to those vehicles those cross this life line? For the advancement of our visitor, it is good to say that these vehicles are titled as used cars and the environmental department of Japan sold it through the auction to the company like Auto Galaxy Co., Ltd with the help of the owner of the vehicle.
The most interesting matter of this vehicles is, each of the used cars exported only those countries where these vehicles have road permit. Specially, the third world's countries are the main customer of these used cars.
Where personal four wheelers in a reasonable price id like a dream. If you have any intention to purchase an used car then you definitely can purchase/you better choose used cars from Japan. 

Auto Galaxy Co. Ltd