AVIX Co. Ltd

Japanese cars have acute demand in all over the world. On the question about the car? In the recent time no other vehicle is so popular then the car for personal or the family ride for nice and comfortable ride. Car is now like aristocracy and luxury for the high class society, at the same time, for the middle class family/society car is like a dream which they want to make true. You know, this is very hard for a middle class family to afford a car in the out of their budget. Japan government has a rule on the running time of a car. Japanese people cannot use a car for the life time, rather the environment department of the Japan puts a timeline on the vehicle and after finishing the time those cars cannot run in the Japan’s road. Japanese government does an excellent thing with these cars. They export these cars as a used car. But the most important matter is, these cars mostly exports in those countries where new car is very highly expensive. This job is done by some company of the Japan. They only use to deal with the Japanese used car. 

AVIX.,co.ltd is one of the famous companies of the used car business. Among the company AVIX.,co.ltd is the oldest and the mostly known in the all over world. You can keep this company on your list, if you have any plan to purchase a Japanese used car.

 Let’s take a look over the timeline of this company. 
-    Address: 3-18-8 Shiraitodai,Fuchu,Tokyo,183-0011;
-    Established: 1998
-    Tel: +81-3-4530-0331
-    Fax: +81-42-340-0367
-    Language:English / 日本語
-    Person you can contact: Takenami
-    Type of ownership: Corporation/Limited Liability Company
-    Payment type: T/T
-    Business classification: Retailer 

This information will help you to contact with them in the dealing purpose. You know about the quality of Japanese cars. The car which made in japan, in a word Japanese products have a great fame all over the world. You will be happy to know that, this company is remarked differently from the other companies for their nit and clean services. You also can observe it when you are going to deal with two or more then companies. 

On the cordiality of this company will make you pleased. You know, maximum time they deal with foreign customers, as they have to deal with them, they cannot make anything that can ruined their reputation. You can ask about the stock of this company, the stock of this company is so highly decorated that you will find the world class brand from this company. One thing is very noticeable, AVIX.,co.ltd has all the international brand that you don’t have to think about the brands which is out of the Japan. You just have to take a look over the stock of this company. 

At the last, if you have any thinking about the purchasing of the used car, you can put this company on the list. 

AVIX Co. Ltd