Dan Co. Ltd.

There is no need to introduce the quality of the Japanese cars/vehicles. This product of the Japan already has a huge fame all over the world. On the question about the price the cars, one thing is noticeable here that is, good quality product must has a good price of it. For this consequence, Japanese cars run on those countries where most of the people live a life of higher class. This is a matter of hope that, Japanese government never let any vehicle to run in the Japan’s road for an unlimited time. Then what they do or how they manage this? Transport authority of Japan gives a time schedule on the every vehicle that have road permit in the Japan. Once the vehicle has crossed the timeline, this will no longer worthy to continue its ride on the roads of the Japan. 

Let’s come to the point about what they do with these cars/vehicles. Authority sold these cars to the exporter company buy the auction. The company exports this car by the online to those countries where it has road permit. You may have a question on your mind that which company makes such deal? There are so many companies all over the world who deals with the Japanese used car export business. 

DAN CO., LTD. is one of those companies who have a great network all over the world in export car business. As to say about the business of used car, these kinds of cars have a huge demand in the third worlds countries. Most of the used car exported in those countries where new car is very expensive. Let’s see the profile of DAN Company Limited: 

-    Address of the company: 22-11, Kurano, Nakakirai, Matshushige-cho, Itano-gun, Tokushima, 771-0212
-    Phone: +81-886787158
-    Fax:  +81-886997271
-    Cell/Mobile: +81-9062891011
-    Whatsapp: +81-80-4597-6600
-    Website: www.dan32.com , www.daidan.co.jp
-    Starting year: 1993
-    Language: English, Japanese
-    Product category: All the major equipments of vehicles, as to mention the name vehicles, this will include: Cars, Trucks, Buses, SUV, Vans, Pickups, Freezer Trucks, Forklifts, Tractors, Farm Trucks, Heavy Trucks and many more. 
-    Business area: It is difficult to mention because they have almost the whole world in their business area. 

As the whole information we mentioned above we hope that our visitor will get the necessary information and make their dream come true by purchasing a car. You know for the standard/middle class family four wheelers vehicle is something like dream. These used cars can make their dream fulfill in a very affordable price. 

So, if you are thinking to purchase used car, then you can contact with them by mentioned information. You don’t have to think about the quality because Japan never compromise with the quality. On the question about the used car? This should not be your headache because your country has a road transport authority, they have some responsibility, and you should leave the matter to them. So, visit their website and choose the car that suitable on your budget. 

Dan Co. Ltd.