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Well it is good to introduce a new company for those who looking for used cars in a reasonable price with handy quality. The most important point of this company is, they only provide the used cars and each of the car made in Japan. At the same time, this is good to say that Japanese vehicles specially used cars are pretty much famous all over the world, noticeably in those countries where brand new cars are really very costly.

One more thing is better to mention about these used cars, these cars are very much useful for the middle class family where brand new cars are little bit hard to afford and thats why these cars have a big market in the third worlds countries.

If you asked about the matter of quality of this cars and this is very normal to ask about this matter when these have a tag with it as “used” with this point of view, we just want to remind you one thing about the production of these cars. You are looking at the cars which are made in Japan and we all known with the matter of reputation of the Japanese product.

Yes these cars are used but you have to be clear about the process of exporting these cars. Japan is an over conscious country about their natural environment and thats why they never allow any vehicle to run on their roads for a unlimited time rather they put a life line of natural service on the each of the vehicle. Once the vehicle complete the life line, it no longer can run on the roads of Japan. The authority going to take the govern of the vehicle and going to sell that one to company like this with the help of the owner via auction.

When we have come to the matter of process then we better take a look on the profile of this company and this will let you to know the important links and and contacts number of this company as well as you will have the stock list that will let you to know about the cars which you might looking for.

- Name of the company: EVERY CO., LTD.

- Address of the company: 2-10-14 , Atago, Chuo-ku , Niigata-shi , Niigata , Japan 950-0944

- Phone: +81-25-211-3260

- Fax: +81-25-211-3264

- E mail: info@everycar.jp

- skype: every.co.ltd

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/everycar

- Website: http://www.everycar.jp

- Payment system: 100% advance via telegraphic transfer.

- Bank data: MITSUBISHI TOKYO UFJ BANK, Niigata-Branch, AC Number: 0050174

DAISHI BANK, Meike Branch, AC number: 1355998

- Main goal: Very commonly most of the people think that each of the company like this only focuses at the matter of profit and never care about the customer. But this one you are looking at is wholly different from the other as they are only want to see the smile on the face of the customers by providing the best quality products to the customers in a reasonable price.

- Main product: Basically we can realize that this company mainly deal with used cars from Japan and that would be the last thing they may do but somehow this could be a good news for our readers that they are looking forward to serve the after sells service via online and same time, looking for dealing with the spare parts as well.

Thats all about the company and each of the information you can see here about the company is just the basic about them and if you want to know further then you are requested to see the contact numbers and requested to make a phone call to the mentioned number. Just believe us on the matter of your phone call that the official of the company is waiting for your call and ready to answer any of your questions.
So far we have collect information from the users of the customers that they are enough happy with the performance of their cars and hope that this car will serve them life time. This is all about your dream about which you are so eager till now and here is the chance to complete your dream. You just have to make your decision that you are going to take a car from the company and that may be enough for you to make your dream come true.

Every Co. LTD