How to store your car for winter?

In the first step, take a look on the whole car very closely and observe it need to clean or not. The way would be, if you can clean it and give this a totally new look. You know, you are going to store your car for a long time and in this time, your car may gather more dust and pollution that can put you in a harassing situation after open. Your car is one of the favorite luxurious home equipment that bears your Aristocracy. At the same time you suggested before you put your car on the store room you have sharp to keep it clean.

One thing you should keep in mind that you are going to store your car for some while thats why you should never think to keep/store your car as it is/normal. So, you need to change some condition of your Car as given below:

Release the air pressure of the tires that will help to prevent the damage of the tubes. Check the tires before you store the car in the garage. Sometime tires have some lick that never can be found in the normal way. If you found something like, then it would be very good if you change it immediately. Otherwise, the your car will release the total pressure on its rim.

Same way check the tires before you take the car out of the store room. You will find the tires are in a low air pressure. Fill the air as its demand.

Remove those parts that have risk to be frozen. You know better then me which part are those. It would be more better, if you can change the Engine oil and the fuel also. You should not take any risk by putting them inside the Car. Maximum of our car expert suggest that, anyone who wants to store his/her car, they should empty their car as much as possible.
Battery contains some acidic reaction, so you should left your car in the store room with it, remove the battery at the same time. On the question about fluid? Do the same as you are doing with others.

Next thing is, the Cover of the car. Normally, the cover may unused for a long time, so it is important to clean it first. Otherwise your all the work may gone in vain. It just like repack the Car as a new. Remember, you are going to put your Car due to preserve it.

So, you should not do anything of your own accord without discussion this whether it is right or wrong. You can ask the expert, discuss with friends and family members.

Just keep in mind, it is your Car and your duty it keep it fit. If you are not serious about your Car then no one going to show you any sincerity about your Car, you know, what I'm trying to say.

Stay safe, keep everything safe.
Happy journey.