Norsur Trading Company Japan

This is one of the handy company to get you to the quality Japanese used cars direct from the Japan via online. When you are thinking about to have a car but you are willing pay a big amount of money then you can take a look on the profile of this company. The authority of the Japan sold each of the used cars in the foreign countries in unbelievable low price according to the condition and the brand of the car.

But, we can assure you that each of the cars provided by the company like this are fully made in Japan. You can trust on the quality of the cars those providing this way with maximum quality then you can imagine.

Same time, you are strongly suggested to keep a handsome budget when you are serious to have a four wheelers which is used and from this way. One thing you may ask about the quality of the product why because each of the cars have a tag in the name that all the cars already been “used” but you should keep any doubt in your mind about the information that provided by the company about the car.
Company will inform you 100% information about the condition of the car which you are choosing to purchase. You just have to make your choice according to your budget. Yes, it is true that there are may be some scratches or some spot on the car if you don't recommend any recondition but it don't means that the quality of the car is not good. If you recommend recondition then you have to pay charge that included by the company.
And it is good to mention that, each exporter company has their own servicing center and experienced official by which they maintain the servicing of the cars as well as the dealings of the products.

Here is the profile of this company, we hope that this will help to the purchase of your expected car, for which you are looking for so long. There are lot of cars in the stock list of the company, you just have to make your decision that which one you are choosing and what the asking price of that vehicle by the company:

- Name of the company: Norsur Trading Japan
- Address of the company: 1-3-10 Hongo Kisarazu-shi Chiba-ken 292-0015 Japan
- Phone: +81-438-97-6010
- IP Phone: +81-50-7577-8686
- Mobile: +81-90-9396-5485
- Fax: +81-438-97-6011
- Skype: skype:norsur2?call
- Email: sales11@norsurtrading.com
- Website: http:/norsurtrading.com/
- Languages: Japanese as the first language and English as the second language. If you want to speak in other language then you better ask their official they can speak your language or not.

- Main business: As you can guess that this company mainly deals with quality used cars. They also deal with the spare parts and brand new cars on the order basis. On this matter you have ask them cordially whether they are agree make a deal with you or not.

Bank information for Japanese Yen:
- Address and Phone: Chiba Bank Kisarazu-higashi Branch, (1-2-4 Yamato Kisarazu-shi Chiba-ken 292-0805 Japan, (+81-438-23-5281)
- Swift code: CHBAJPJT
- Account No: 3720696
- Account name: NORSUR TRADING

Bank information for US Dollar:
- Address and Phone: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. Kisarazu Branch, (1-1-3 Yamato Kisarazu-shi Chiba-ken 292-0805 Japan, (+81-438-23-5281)
- Account No: 106295
- Account name: NORSUR TRADING

Thats all about the company and we hope these are enough for any of our visitor to find out the car that he/she looking for and there are enough information to contact with the companies official.
You should never hesitate to contact with them because they are not only cordial enough but also waiting for your call to provide you information that you are expecting from them. After all you are the main fact of their business. They are for you not you are for them.

It is good to say that, the market of the used cars are mostly spread in the standard economical countries, especially where brand new cars are highly expensive for the middle class people. For this reason, Japan export these cars only in those countries where it has demand and road permit as well.
These all cars are forbid to run from the Japanese road not rejected from the Japan, thats why you can stay tension free about the matter of the quality of the cars.

Norsur Trading Company Japan