Phenix Incorporation

When you are looking for quality Japanese vehicle in an affordable price then you can take a look on this company’s profile. You know, Japan is a country where each vehicle has a limitation on the running time. That means, a vehicle cannot run in the Japanese road as the owner want. The Authority of the Japan sold this cars/vehicle by the auction to those companies’s which are involved with the used car export business. 

Phenix Incorporation is such a company that can help you to find out your personal car by which you are dreaming for so long. You admit it or not, most of the middle class family people always dreamt about a personal car but they cannot make it for the short income. 

Well, when the matter is so then you can take look over on the companies like Phenix Incorporation, here are the detail profile of this company: 

-    Address of the company: Inukura 1-9-1, Kawasaki-shi, Miyamae-ku, Kanagawa, 216-0011
-    Starting year: 1989
-    Tel: +81-50-3538-8456/ 050-3538-8456
-    Fax: +81-44-976-2822
-    Website: http://www.pnx.co.jp/
-    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhenixInc
-    Skype: car.export
-    Languages: English / 日本語 / Kiswahili
-    Business type: Exporter, Retailer and Wholesaler
-    Payment types: T/T
-    Stock amount: Around 3000 cars in stock.
-    Branch Information: 23 branches in the Japan.

As the whole information suggesting to our visitor, this company is one of those famous companies that working in the Japan on the matter of exporting cars with an excellent reputation. The point of view is, if you are looking for your own personal car the very normally you can contact with this company, on the matter of quality of the cars or vehicle then you must keep in mind that the product which means the cars or vehicles provided by this kind of company’s are chosen by the random basis.

And the fact is, the environmental department of the Japan never checks the condition of the cars once it expires validity or timeline. They just advice the owner to sold it or they forcefully sold it by the auction to the car exporter. 

It’s an important matter to discuss that where these vehicle will run and what could be the price of these vehicles? 

It is something like quality fewer products are exported from the Japan and authority doing it by their power. You know the quality of the Japanese product, their product always made with world class quality; at the same time most of the car brands of the Japan have a great fame in the whole world. This means, you don’t have to think about the quality of the vehicle. 

You better choose reconditioned car and this can remove your tension from your mind. There are two types of car, one is used and another is reconditioned. Used car you will receive in the condition as it was left by the user and nothing is done on it. You know the reconditioned car, used but totally new in the every part.  

Phenix Incorporation