Privacy Policy

Along with authentic information providing we are ensuring all the visitors about their privacy. AS a normal user do not require any personal information to browse our site. In the case of exporters, if they want to add their information at (Carexportersjapan.com). In that case, they have to provide following information to our E-mail.

1. Full name of the business with proper contact address.

2. Details about the services and facilities

3. Appropriate list of exporting Brands

We keep the list of the shop owner E-mail address. Information that we collect from our shop owner is only used to provide any important news or information regarding our site.

You may also receive advertising cookies from our advertisers. This is a standard practice in the internet industry. Some cookies may ask personal information such as E-mail address or name. It is totally on you that you would like to provide information or not. We have no control over the cookies.

In final, be with us we are working as a bridge of importers and exporters of the Japanese car. If you have any quarry regarding our site then you can contact us at following E-mail address info@carexportersjapan.com.