What can be a good news for you when you are looking for a source to have a used car with a special quality and you got something like this mentioned in the headline. This may the best for you to make your dream come true to have car of your own and the most important matter is, this company is going to serve you only those cars which is made in Japan. There is nothing to say anything new about the product from the Japan when each of the products from Japan well known world wide for its excellency and durability.

And now the question is about the used cars as they are selling it world wide. There are some question may come about this matter that why they selling or exporting used cars in this way?

After all, we all know that Japan is one of the super power of the first world and they are very sensitive about their nature and natural object and from this point of view “Japan's Environmental Department” made a limit of the time of each of the vehicle that run inside Japan. When the time limit once finished, that vehicle no longer can run in the roads of Japan rather that vehicle will sold with the help of its owner to the company like this via open auction.
So you can see the little history behind exporting the used cans and one more thing you can ask that, Japan is exporting those due to environmental cause then where they exporting those, is not it harmful in the same level as in Japan?
This very important question with the topics.
Well, as we all know that the maximum customer of these used cars are the people of third worlds countries. At the same time, Japan only export these cars where used vehicles have the road permit. And now the time to take our view on the matter of details of the company by which you are going to have all the links and data to contact them:

- Name of the company: RamaDBK LTD
- Starting year: 1989
- Address of the company: 201 RamaDBK HQ Bldg. 2-1-17 Shinkoyasu,Yokohama,Kanagawa,221-0013
- Phone: 81-45-402-6117
- Fax: 81-45-402-0689
- Website: http://www.ramadbk.com/

- Languages: The main language normally the Japanese and second language basically English is considered. If you are interested to contact with them in your local languages then you better ask the official whether he/she is acquainted with your language or not. Meanwhile, here are the languages in which you can speak with them “English / Русский / Deutsch / Español / 日本語 / Português / 中文 / Français”.

- Type of business: Basically, the company like these have make a role of all rounder in the field market as like Retailer, Wholesaler as well as an Exporter.

- Type of Products: As you can guess about this matter normally that, the company like this mainly deal with the used cars but when you are see from the south of Asia then you only can export cars from them. But they deal with all the category of vehicles which are available in Japan.

- Goal of the company: When maximum of the company aim at the improvement of their business by increasing selling number, this company aim to gain the satisfaction of the customers by serving best quality products which you never going to have otherwise.

So here are all the links you need to contact and see the profile of the company. Now all you have to do is just to pick your phone up and make a contact with them about the car you choose for you. There is nothing hard that you cannot understand or perform. The most easy task to perform is to, make a phone call in the mentioned number and the official will help the most in any matter you want to know. So just pick your phone up and make a call to the companies official. Just believe us, the official is only waiting for your call.

After all, this is all about your dream which you have kept in your mind so far. If you ask about the quality of the cars then so far we have information about this, the customers of this vehicles pretty much happy with its performance. So you don't have to worry about the matter and same time, you are going to purchase Japanese car which rarely have any complain to the root level.