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Japan is one the top country for producing cars, as well as top in the exporting also. You know this country, it is a big part of the first world. They never use a car when it cross the timeline which given by the Environ Department of Japan. In this way, Japanese people gather a huge quantity of used car. The point is, what do they do with these used car? The condition of the car is not so bad that they use the way of recycling. 

Japanese people just do the right thing with the used car. They sold it to the exporter company and exporter company sold it to those people who need a car in very affordable price at the same time, their country have the permission to run the used car on their road.

There are many company in the Japan who working with these used car exporting. Tomisho.biz is one of the famous company for exporting used car. You will get it one of the most cordial in the deal, along with variety cars in the stock list with variety of price. The main fact is, this company making their business with the Japanese product in the Japanese rules. It no longer wait to say that how much they have to be discipline. 

Now let's take a look over the profile of the Tomisho.biz:

- Phone:: +81 528045666, +81 528045644, +81 525045667
- Fax: +81 528026745
- Email: info@tomisho.biz
- Website: www.Tomisho.biz
- Working time : 9.00am~19.00pm
- Language: English/Japanese
- Business type: : Export company, specializing in Japanese used cars
- Brands in the stock list: Totota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, Isuzu, Suzuki, Daihatsu and more
- Vehicles: Bus, Hatchback, Mini Vehicle, Sedan, SUV, Truck, Van, Mini Van, Wagon, Coupe etc.

We hope these information are enough to make you the contact with them. Cars are now become the dream of the standard class people. On this point Japanese used cars are doing the task of making their dream come true. You will not going to believe the price of these cars. Just make a visit in their website, I believe, you are on the way to choose your car. 

You may have a question on your mind that, who are the customer of these cars? Most of the customers of these cars are from those country or those people who cannot afford a new car or new car is very expensive. In a word, maximum of these cars are goes to the middle class family. At the same time, lower class also purchase these for their own need. 

So, if you are thinking about to purchase a car, you can contact with www.Tomisho.biz so far we know about them, they are very much cordial to their customers. They will help you to make your dream came true. You will get a car of your own, The fact is, your car will be made in Japan.  

Tomisho CO. LTD